I worked in a very small private firm for couple of years. And those days we could feel ‘economic recession’ everyday in our jobs. And one of my acquaintance called me up on a saturday morning times and told me that, ‘hey buddy I am coming that side towards your house, shall I drop in your home for a while?’. I said ‘yeah sure’… and he came to my house, in fact it was single room as I was just a bachelor. I usually keep my house clean all clothes pressed etc. He came into the house and started praising all small and silly looking things, like ‘your TV is good, house is neat, this area is great…’ and so on. I took it casually and he said he does something in his ‘spare time’ and is looking for some new guys in it and he wants to share.

So he started, showing something about 95%-5% analogies, wealth creation and how employees who have more degrees are earning less than that 5% category.  I kept ‘nodding my head yes’. And he talked about ‘public franchising’ and ‘public franchising’. Then started drawing circles and in the end he talked about his friends who at the age of 28 ‘retired through this business’. I was like, ‘cannot believe’ stage. And finally he told some statistics about the manufacturer of products and told he was talking about “Amway”. I had some vague idea about it and he showed some demo of products and I was thrilled to see them. However, he asked me to sign up on some form and hand over  cheque over four grands.

I am a very meticulous financial planner especially in personal finance. Till date I never bought anything that was not thoughtfully decided in advance. With that, four grands cheque could never be written for a half hour ‘presentation’. He asked about what I thought on his ‘presentation’ and I hesitantly said ‘no’.