Here you go… Never say bad words to anyone, whether he says yes or no is all a different story. Talk always good things about people, talk ‘positives’ irrespective of facts. I had very humble background, where my family had a cancer patient and I was suggested with a ‘supplement’ not as a cure but as a support for the medicines already taken. That supplement seemingly worked well for about a year. So story is so far so good!

I was paying MRP or a few bucks less in rupees for each pack of supplements. And he told some ‘common sense’, ‘hey man… you are seeing good results with it, why are you paying MRP, if you get started by registering your name you get at 20% discount’. This looked alright to me.

It took turn when I started to see job opportunities along with my marriage. And I finally ended up getting a very ordinary reward for my exceptional effort in my job. So, do you believe in destiny? Up to you guys… Coupled with saving intentions on the supplements and a chance to check out a new ‘opportunity’ I called that same acquaintance again and said I want to join you! Reason was simple I had been seeing the guy for about 1.5years who never spoke one harsh word and was always smiling, caring, kind… so on and so forth. Me and my wife ‘invited’ him and we signed up in piece of paper. He said he was not going ‘sponsor’ us directly under him and he was ‘helping’ someone in his ‘organisation’. These terminologies are not mine and all of them are proprietary to the ‘system’ which itself is a terminology. I purchased offers making my business cost start-up at zero. A guy who was not ready for four grands previously, had spent nearly 15 grands of rupees now!

A sharp, ambitious and meticulous calculator was ready to use his battery somewhere else! And the customer can sign up one day so never shut the door on prospects… And theory seems to have worked in my case. I had signed up the business by myself after 1.5years of seeing ‘the plan’.