We kept using products and I started reading and listening to CDs and watching success profiles. And my working up-line started coming to my house like once in couple of days which was about 45mins drive one way from his house. He built a list from my contacts in the phone started ‘teaching’ ‘core steps’, ‘basics’, ‘powers’ and ‘cardinal rules’ of the business. He ‘built my list’ known to be ‘A list’ and ‘B list’. These were my friends and acquaintances who were less than forty and more  than twenty kind of age group. One of my close friend joined me in the business and my acquaintance started to go to his house too and that was known to building relationship. My friend who joined never bought anything till date after all the efforts. In fact I understood that, my acquaintance even had an experience of not so good welcome in a few days time.

Meanwhile, he called me for one more meeting/function. Where I told him, boss I joined the business for making money and I am clear in it and you are available for me anytime (to check with and follow up-line while doing anything). And I also told him ‘I do not need any motivational functions to do this business’. Response was quite mild in tone but harsh in meaning. “See we all ‘build the business’ as a team and we meet regularly. If you want to understand the dynamics of this business you need to ‘plug-into the system‘. The only way you can build your team is to be part of the team which is already there. So, primary requirement in this business is to follow what ‘success principles’ are taught in the system and same thing has already been mentioned in the CDs which you already heard. So make yourself free and be part of the system and learn and build the business”. So I started going to the meeting and had no down-lines but not regularly.