So what next, start learning how to make calls, going out with up-line and learn the basics. Please note that, I read books on people skills and to make calls I was given a readymade script which has been successful over the years, as I was told by my working up-line. I was apprehensive while trying for a few times, even though English is my second language I was courageous!

I was invited for something called once a year opportunity “Summer Conference”. It was supposed to cost me and my wife about Rs 2500  and we were asked to spend money within 8-10 weeks in ‘the business’ in the name of ‘investment’. Me being conservative, and in their terms employee minded, somehow did not attend. And I was received this standard script. “Let us say if you put the money in the bank 7years down the line it will double. However, if you come there and listen to self-made millionaires, you might 100 times more money in the same period. And I know you are apprehensive because, you never saw about what I am talking, however, beauty of any business is, you never know what is in store for you. You just have to ‘trust us’ and come along.” After he came back from the function nothing much happened.

Following month again there was a business building seminar for which my wife declined to come and my friend who joined under my sponsorship turned out. I got impressed by the speaker who told lots of stories and techniques. I almost got into tears when it came to recognition. I saw person who was getting recognised, sitting on a wheel-chair and it was for quite high ‘pin’. There was an old widower too. All these people did not have great education background or any metro city luxuries.

I said, man this is it and my downline is with me and we are going to crack this business down! But to my surprise my friend did not seem to understand neither technique of the business nor money and emotional parts. And that month, we were planning to go 6% (300PV and each PV is equal to Rs 50). My friend never bought anything even after ‘investing’ Rs 250 for the function. So that means I stumbled in no time.

And I continued to sponsor few of my friends, but business is never done by friends and relatives. Meanwhile, I started to find customers here and there and I was not afraid of selling. Even after quitting Amway for outside world we use most of the products for our own family. As long as quality and price is not matched by competing products we can still buy Amway products. Of course we discarded which are too expensive for the said quality. And remember if you do not sell anything you are bound to be debts! I quit Amway business and did not lose too much money. If I look back as profit and loss account I am bound to have debit balance (Loss) but manageable across the period. So, anyone who reads, this I am not at all interested to influence about what you do and decide to do, every individual is free to do whatever it is feasible.