Now then, products came and my working up-line (one who really understands ‘your business’, either the immediate sponsor or the one who recruited you in under his line of sponsorship) delivered them to my home and literally opened seal/cover for each product. That surprised me though, later understood, that was ‘mandatory kit opening’ he had to do and once I become independent I needed ‘duplicate’.

My wife was slightly apprehensive in the beginning but a few the home care products sold her out. And we started liking what we used in personal care and home care a bit in supplements, ever so slowly. Within couple of weeks of signing up I was ‘invited’ (attendance was mandatory as  I realised later) to a ‘function’ which was happening around 8PM during weekdays. I was told that, I will be a business conference and I can meet ‘successful’ people. After a few ‘escapes’ I still showed up there, but could not accompany my wife. My Acquaintance came wearing full-suits, and I was surprised as Indian climate is not suitable for suiting! Later I understood, that was also a mandatory duplication. Please count how many places I wrote mandatory, because we are talking about a business, which has ‘Independent Business Owners’ who celebrate free enterprise, and job was preached to be slavery. Anyway, one more pleasant guy came on stage introduced as IT professional, started drawing same circles and gave a same presentation. Why are they telling the same thing? I was invited to learn something new and there was nothing new but I later learnt that, I also had to show the ‘plan’ and this is how I could learn to do what was done for last forty years in the ‘system’.

So what is the ‘system’ all about? I was told about it in the plan and now I was told that, the very same function was conducted by the ‘system’ and everyone was supposed to follow it like devotee. Who are part of the system? Anyone who is successful in ‘this business’ (never say word Amway!) came together in 1970s and they formed a group telling what to do what not to be successful. They consist, doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, finance experts, electricians, scientists and so on across the globe. So that is my first exposure to the system. And after an hours time, we were having a five minutes break, in which I was introduced to some up-line’s up-line and they all said, welcome to the team and it is the right to start the business. And I noticed same thing was repeated to everyone even after another one and half years!

So the second session was about to start and instructor/host of the function told that check with the person who invited you here if you qualify to sit for next session. Strange word ‘qualify’, but later realized it is also one of many professionalism gimmicks. And session started and everybody went berserk, clapping shouting like morons! And I was like what non sense is this all adults shouting in business conference? And that presenter cooled everyone down telling that, you need to remain ‘excited’ and ‘fired-up’ which is not there in corporate world where everyone is supposed to remain grim. But I never shouted and never liked it that way, as I was quite disciplined in my entire schooling and I enjoy discipline. Later, he showed some success pictures and talked about a few things which I do not remember, and I guess I never understood that time, being too young in the business. But I felt it was more motivational than any teaching as such which was promised by my up-line.

And I arrived a little late at home and my wife not amused as I entered, she was staying alone till 11PM!