So, I started struggling again, need to go 300PV! Somehow, sponsored a few more from ‘A list’ and ‘B list’ and because of my personal increased usage couple of sales here and there took me to 6%. With that my wife also started to come to weekly functions occasionally. I was listening to CDs and reading books and my acquaintance continued to use many more people skills and I was almost in trans state of mind. Believing in whatever told… and allowing ‘the system’ to be part of my daily life. I did not understand where it was heading to.

Then came another business building seminar and none else in my team but my wife! I read somewhere that, cult is built not on a single day or a weekend, it is a continued re-enforcement over time. Meanwhile we started to understand more things in terms of ‘building the business’. We continued to run in dreams as we attended another once in a year celebration of free enterprise. Travelled in train and everyone seemingly accommodated us. So by now also started to subscribe for books and CDs. You can imagine the expenditure side now! I still continued to get some money in monthly 6% commission along with bits and pieces of sales. Major issue in my mind was, as usual, returns were not offsetting  my expenses. I did not have a vehicle and hence I was taking my working up-line to show plans and follow ups. But I was clearly told that, expenses that are incurred should be treated as ‘investments’. However there was nobody to tell to maintain an income and expenditure account. This is the catch guys, if you call something a business, and you are not maintaining income and expenses or profit and loss account you’re in for a trouble. Only way I managed myself was, by having a reasonable spending pattern and also constantly checking if I am able to finance my function tickets by respective month earnings.