So, came back to metro city, having seen time go by, to be precise one and half years after signing up, with an objective of final push so that, I can move up in the business next level. By now I had sponsored 30+ and had less than five to show in my team. But now with the help of my working up-line I got a house which is in a prime are of the city near to all my activities.

Pressure, pressure, pressure… I had to sponsor people and I did sponsor some five people in one months time all cold contacts. And because of my renewed energy some sleeping down lines bought some products too! I also had some people in another once in year celebration that came along. Things looked smooth as I was getting qualified for prescribed number of cold contacts per week, plans per week etc. I asked my up line what else do I need to improve. He said start investing clothes, for example I was expected to buy 3-4 brand new sets of shirts and trousers each pair costing about Rs 300! And I did not buy that, as my finances did not allow. I had just  gone through very difficult period of my life both in finances and family concerns. I was supposed to buy a branded jacket costing Rs2000 instead I bought two pieces in local market for Rs 1300. Up-line only said ‘it is local market, there you get cheap products’. I was supposed to think ‘abundance’ irrespective of the financial condition otherwise you look like cheap poor guy who is interested to save money rather than make money. Never ever think of saving small money here and there.

I was told to go by bus to the office so that on the way I could do contacting. When I struggled to show the plans as bus travelling takes time, my up line asked why are you hesitant to take bike. In reality my wife was taking bike and bus facility was not favourable. I declined to buy a particular style of shoes and I noticed I did not follow-up line and was known to be high maintenance IBO for an up-line.

Anyways, I sponsored people and again no one bought products! I still remained at 6% with handful of people buy something here and there. In the plan it is shown all are FMCG products and everyone buys repeatedly. But in reality, there is hardly anything that are real FMCG category, if you exclude supplements and high-end cosmetics. If you buy a toothpaste it will come for 3months for two people and everything else come for 6months to more than one year. How will the PV come every month if you have same set of people, impossible and you literally have to sponsor new people always forever. If you want to maintain 6% then you need to sponsor if you want to maintain diamond in of 60,000PV, how will it differ!

I continued to qualify for contacts but I failed to qualify for 20 plans in a month where it was a promotion. I was missing a chance to meet a diamond! With that, I was almost in state of blood coming down from my eyes no more tears. On the night of the night ‘diamond night owl’ my up-line just re-ignited the pain by asking “hey man, are you not coming, you are not interested to shake hands with diamond, huh?”. He obviously knew what was going on everyday and he only ensured I suffered more pain. Even now I feel angry for such treatments, if you say and preach talking positives, why do you keep hitting on the head with these kind of words every second sentence. I was literally doing everything mentioned in the system, wearing suite to all functions, except wearing red-tie, coming early and leaving late irrespective of the requirement!

I was advised to buy new folders new stationary, new things, never worry about controlling spending, that’s all those small people do! Diamonds do not worry about small things right? If you want to become a diamond you also do same. Within no time tide again started swinging adversely. All activities but no results and could not qualify for a few of the promotions. Sponsored people are not lifting my calls, follow-ups do not happen and so on. After you show the plan, you leave a CD or any relevant materials but they never pick your call, so money spent on those is wasted but you should not think that way. Those were supposed to be small money you need to invest but without counting! No profit and loss account business please…

I tried to share my issues with my working up-line but all that, I received was to think positive talk positive and do more. No real help at all! But whenever  possible, he never forgot to hit on my emotions, talking about someone else’s self-image and comparing the same etc. Every week, there used to be a phone meeting at his house, and all of his down lines with their new contact list gathered during the week, went and made calls to fix their appointments. In a phone meeting I said, one part of his has some trouble with network, and he bluntly told, ‘if you have team you can have phone meeting at your house only nah…?’ Get closer to your up-lines guys and if you still had brain by then you will know what is dictionary meaning for humiliation.

Meanwhile, my plans started yielding zero results! And because I was in a new job, I had to stretch in the office. All the my up-line commented was about my work ethics and self talk. In fact whole system preaches you that, just by having some self talk and faith you can become whatever you want! If that is the case why do you do this same thing, giving smile to strangers, snatching their numbers saying extravagant stuff about some business which gets totally different when they join. Dream of a lottery and you might get it, all lotteries have same 1% chance of winning. In this business also, out of about 100 sign-up who remain active only 1% will become platinums.

With all the trouble I had, my relationship with my up-lines started showing signs of distance. Biggest reason was I was never allowed to talk any problems. My wife meanwhile, reduced CDs and books next to nothing. I used to get angry for not qualifying to one more PV goal promotion, we did not put so many enough PVs and so on. Basically distance really started to creep in as, I noticed, my up-line called only when it gets near to month-end. Of course he had the reasoning of not building my business, and I had to build my own business. However, mentorship is preached in the system and when it comes down to you it is mostly position dictates the terms, while hitting on your emotions having built the cult mentality already. Anyway, system does not allow you to think and question!