I was looking for a job change for long time by then. Meanwhile, I got an opportunity to work for public sector undertaking, leaving out corporate world. So what to do next? Ask your up-line and get him involved in every decision you take. I asked a specific question to him. ‘Would you have taken up the job if you were to be in my position, he said ‘yes”. Unfortunately, promise was not kept by the new employer and I was forced to move to a Tier-II city in the same state with the new public sector job. I was given a very good farewell by my working up-line as we left the metro city. Anyways, being in the same state and about an overnight journey, we felt like, the move will  not make too  much of a difference. More importantly, our working up-line had promised to carry forward the team that I was building previously. With all high hopes of building a business in new place we landed to a completely new place.

We new contacting and thought we can start moving things quickly. That great system was there for any help any time even though we did not have anyone in the same line of sponsorship in the entire city. However, heat again started to fall on us quite quickly. The majority age group of the city was either below 20s or above 45, mostly income was coming from their own businesses. And the population itself was quite less due to flight to metro cities nearby. This made life difficult, forget about 25 contacts, five contacts per week became nearly impossible. Still I kept struggling here and there but I was never able to convey the issue that I was facing there to my working up-line. From the beginning itself I never liked the job in the new environment either. But I could not say anything apart from positives even if they were painful lies.

As I struggled to sponsor new faces, not even one in two months, I found some of my out-station down-lines a little active and interested. My working up-line suggested to visit their places and I said ok. It used to cost quite a few bucks and taxing on the body, because of travelling. Within no time another once a year even came again. There we took people from my out-station business and my up-line did the final effort on my team by taking one person from my team in the metro I stayed previously. It looked good when we had down lines to major functions. But to be honest, down lines were all close relatives of mine who were very young in their lives. So, till date I do not know whether came by their own self or just because they could not say no!

The reason why I wrote last line is important in terms of my fortunes in the business. Within weeks time after returning from the function, first my wife fell sick for long duration and my down lines became in active I managed to sponsor one guy who hardly bought any products. Being a rainy season, my life became standstill. But I had no freedom to talk what I was facing. I got the telephonic counselling, every week, and the same thing was repeated – ‘things are going good only, just sponsor a few, and start building the team’. Boss that’s what I am unable to do because of 100s of reasons. And my out-station business started falling down and my up-line then told, ‘it is usually like this only, you cannot rely much on those, sponsor more things will be alright’. Since joining till date I had sponsored over 25 people and I had no one to duplicate me! And I still had to wear false smile mask all the time. The biggest loss that I suffered was, when I had sponsored people in-depth and whomsoever I worked with, all quit on me! Neither did I make short-term money with them as they were able to go to 6% and I also stayed at 6% as well nor did they build any long term business. I am not sure if I putting a blame on my up-line for not sponsoring them in width. But if you had ever obeyed your up-line who is supposed to be interested in your success, you will know that, you have no freedom to decide who should go in width or who should go in-depth. All that I could do was to continue to listen to rally CDs and get my ‘motivation’ up. Remember, I kept speaking to my ‘working’ up-line in every possible chance.

During the same time, one of my most trusted downline shared some important information regarding history of Amway business. He talked about, rationale behind the education system and he really explained me the concept of financial freedom in the business. He had read the Merchants of Deception and the Business Reference Guide. However, system does not allow you to ask about up-line’s business and also cannot ask anything with cross lines. So he only had to tell in brief and cannot go against my wishes. Even though I did  not change my mind to quit, whatever was conveyed by my down-line stayed at the back of my mind. And my business technically became stand-still when a few tragic things (not interested disclose) had happened in my family within couple more months. But I still took an opportunity explain whatever the issues I faced in those four-five months and I successfully convinced my up-line that neither can I build business in that small city, nor have I enjoyed one minute in my job. So I quit the public sector job to pursue better life in the metro city again!

So during my entire tenure in that Tier-II city, I learnt, people keep moving on and you should be there in the inner circle of your up-line to ‘succeed’. With this you know one more thing, wherever you go you need to subscribe to book and CD of the month program, attend all functions and seminars. During these days, I spent more money on travelling and ‘giving away tools’ and I had very little results to show in terms of PV. Of course, it could have been more if not for me halting in between as I was not interested to do too much towards the system, which only advised me to wear false positives all the time.