With that I had faced 28 people saying ‘NO’ to my business! One after another, show the plan return empty-handed, spend on petrol, CDs and books and no investments. We still went 6% a few times and I could get a customer for a handsome amount. So I mustered my way up to some sort of earning from the business. My up-line still kept telling the same thing, ‘do more you are on right track…’! In fact he commented on my down-lines, saying that he had forgotten them and ‘…you do not have a team. So you cannot go any further. Sponsor more people’ and I could not explain my grief of facing 28 successive negatives excluding cancellation of appointments. But again, there was another business building seminar was coming up and he asked me to get more people to the function! This tells you the story of very important factor in the business, books, CDs and functions should also have equally exceptional turnover. I could recall what my trusted down-line had told, about 4-5 months back.

They had even changed the way they ‘show the plan’. Even though I was part of all associations, just because I had no books and CDs and function numbers (apart from myself) most of the information I used to get by default from my up-line had dried up. I was supposed to ask for everything and I was made to look foolish each time. Increasing gap means, less number of phone calls from me to my up-line. He was almost telling me that, I am going to replace you (and he told the same about one of my downline) soon enough. One day, I got late in the office and I could not execute any of the planned appointments, and because my mind still thought destiny is there for in this business only, I called my up-line. He was out of station, having qualified for some promotion and he ridiculed over the phone, ‘hey did you not know this?’. Whatever, I used get to know by default was not accessible and me and my wife were ridiculed by our own so-called ‘mentors’. I sent him an emotional text on his phone, ‘I am desperate to do all activities in the business, I needed god’s help’. I got a shocking reply, ‘I do not want to see any negative sms from you, please do not text me anything like this anymore’.

I got this hit on my face from the person whom I had made centre of my life. He used to tell me when to go to native, what to buy what not buy etc., just six months back. Now every step on I was singled out for all wrong reasons, to an extent I had become point where he could take me for granted to outburst his frustration. He referred my name as a high maintenance IBO several times in groups as well. So, as in cricket, pressure was built over after over. And finally, it took another partiality incident with my wife where we decided to say good-bye to the system.

My wife was called to attend the phone meeting and my wife replied saying, ‘I don’t have fifteen numbers’. But the host lady still asked my wife to attend, once she went there, due to local langauge issues, they had asked my wife to do a call for an unknown lady. In the next week open same host lady asked not to come if you do not have 15 cold contacts for the week! This just showed us that, they were using our skills to build their business. I had almost decided that I would quit. So I called up my trusted downline and explained the whole story. He told a few more truths that were uncovered. So, I had decided to attend one last meeting in his house on a weekend and say good-bye.

So, on the final day I dressed up to the best standard, I was asked to present a demo on a skin care product. I did the phenominal presentation. Came home had lunch, sent a sms to up-line asking his permission to go to his house. Dressed up very casually and packed all CDs and books and landed at his house. And told him I am leaving your business and take all your tools. I did not ask for money but I had the mental relief, not feel guilty every moment, and more importantly I could live the way I want. Amway business was no more a centre of my life! He started asking many questions, and I hardly gave solid answers, as I had no intentions to fight with him. He told that, you have life time to build this business and why are judging things by two years! What a belief from a cult who took things for granted on me. I still had the guts to say no when I had to say no!