By now another we are into third month in the metro city. Having done all the hard work, in fact, adding value to the ‘system’ by qualifying for so many effort recognitions we had nothing to show. The ticket price for open meeting had gone up. Because we were in the business for more than one and half years, when we landed in associations we started getting ready-made smiles from everyone. Meanwhile, we started noticing change in brand names in associations too. Old platinums were fading away, they would just come on stage and say their name and go every week. We also knew that, a 15% pin-holder had quit from my own up-line’s business and when I asked, up-line told, that person has taken a ‘break’. But that was a plain lie. My up-line who went 21% 12 months back, still was not even at a gold pin, which is meant for 3 continuous months of 21%. To be honest, he had the commitment towards the system, people skills, ability to do whatever was told along with his personal contact with platinums, emeralds and even diamonds. His frustrations were starting to show on us.

We attended a team meeting from our super up-line and a few ladies told to have more than 60 customers for their PVs! because we had seen them since they joined the business having married to the people in higher pins, we know it is impossible to have 83 customers in 1.5yrs time. My up-line told once, just like showing the plan everywhere 80:20 rule works. To fix three demos, you need to have contacted 15 people every week. If you show demo to 10 prospects, some 2-3 will buy, out of 10 buyers 2-3 will be repeat buyers. If this is the reality, which looks like one, you would have to have learnt contacting and calling, and being expert in the products and services and competition and met about 1400 people in 75 weeks time! How foolish this calculation is! There is no room for logic or verifying the truth. My wife used to feel the partiality that was going on. Just because husbands are in higher pin, those ladies were given importance in associations, kind of invisible partiality.   Similar to men having phone meeting women also had their phone meeting to fix appointment for demo.

If you do not have fifteen numbers you should not go to the phone meeting! That was a half mandated rule for ladies. However my wife realised that, there other ladies at higher pin level could go to the phone meeting even if they had just sit and chit-chat. We realised most of the times PV was coming only from relatives and their own family members and that was claimed to be ‘sales’ and retail! My wife gone zero on books and CDs and because of the bad treatment, she became irregular to functions as well. It only increased pressure on me to increase the effort. System had every other method to make you feel guilty, if you are at home you feel guilty, at the office feel guilty, contacting, is not a part of productivity. Listening to CDs, reading books, attending trainings and functions are not part of productive work!

One day, I was listening to CDs while driving and I ended up falling down as some cab from behind had hit. In the system, whatever that was taught could only be there to build the pressure. I was even questioned for wearing a semi-formal dress for a phone meeting which has completely informal set-up. I noticed an all important thing since beginning, anyone who is not joining Amway, they were laughed at by all the so-called freedom builders or IBOs. Every downline who did do what was told by up-line was a subject of gossip all the time! A person who was my cross-line joined during the same time as us had gone 9% and because, I was present on the day of putting PV, I knew how he got into the pin. Me and my wife were deep into the hole in terms of emotional pulverisation…