So after that mega function, my up-line platinum and my working up-line had some ‘work that side’ (where my house was located) and they all lined-up. They started drawing my team. Goals, the real PV Goals! Most of the times I was praised for silly reasons, later I realised that, all of them come from system and ready-made smiles and praises. None of them were anyway near from their heart!

But I was so happy to see them at my home building my business and my future! I did not even understand where these things were heading. But soon enough, I started feeling the pressure of promotions and recognitions. You need to qualify for all of those! First 25 contacts night owl,  next five plans and three demos, attending trainings and ‘putting PV’. Start using more cosmetics and more supplements. Without supplements you will not have energy to stay awake till 2AM and get up and go next morning once more! So PVs will come from increased self use, which also meant that whomsoever joined my team should be the ones who were ready to consume and consume more of what was told in the system.

I started showing my own plans people joined and but very few bought products regularly. Still I had some credibility with my down lines and I registered highest number of PVs in second month of free enterprise function. This helped my up-line to qualify for 9% who never qualified  more than that for another years time! So now start contacting because my personal list no longer exists! So started contacting 25 people a week for continuously four weeks. During the same time I ended literally putting PV for helping my up-line’s goal. That was 30  minutes before close of the month end orders. It was worth more than Rs 9000! Imagine what is happening, a person who never  bought anything without necessity has just ‘invested’ on some one else’s goal without even having an idea of getting the return. However, I was at-least awake next month, did not buy one PV because I had enough stock. I started experiencing the mental trauma as I got closer to up-lines. I had to buy in the beginning of the month because you need to have PV in the system and again during the month some offer gets launched buy them as the price is reasonable and then at the end of the month to reach the goal put the PV again!

So I started qualifying for the night owl that used to happen after weekly function on same nights. There I was told the truth! You are spending best time of your life so spend it properly because you are supposed to succeed in this. Do more every month! One thing needs to be cleared here. A person who qualifies for the night owl is the one who is the core business owner, so if he is core he has to get the results. So mental trauma starts, you see other people always speaking positives and you do not even know whether it is a reality because except your up-line you should  not discuss anything about the business. So what you feel, 10 months in the business have not sponsored enough people and not gone up to 9% and you see every one happy except you! One night I was literally humiliated by my super up-line emerald in qualification regarding me not having a bike while building the business. Of course I had to have two-wheeler but why these system guys say so much that could literally put their own(?) people down? And I ended up getting a two-wheeler. Meanwhile my credit card bills started soaring as people whom sponsored had to buy products and I had to get the PV goals closed so I had to use my card! And do what, read motivational stories and listen to CDs and up-lines and all initial struggles were supposed to be steps for success! Slowly but surely I was heading towards cult movement…

And I always had to talk positives, irrespective of the situations as I already had a team of people. So wear the false smile all the time and condition your thinking to ‘going great’. I think this is how someone gets bankrupt! If I start talking about any problem, my up-line always said there is nothing called problems these are challenges… To be honest this was the biggest issue with which I ended up quitting. A business that was promised to be built part-time or spare time of 12-15hours a week ended up becoming the centre of your life. Every other thing becomes secondary and the business became primary. Once you start qualifying for the promotions you have to be there for every other thing that came. First comes effort promotions and the PV promotions. And if you are at home within 7PM to 11PM that means you are not up to the mark. Cults feel guilty by themselves.

It is always preached that, you might get thousands of down-lines but you will have only one up-line. So follow them wherever it is! I started to go for counselling, but all that was told was to do more, that’s all, the counselling is done! And never talk negative this was becoming terrific. But listen to more rally CDs, there everyone will talk about their struggles and you feel happy about relatability. My schedule started getting overwhelming at 6%! Do 25 contacts a week, attend open meeting, night owl if you are qualified, attend phone meeting, sunday meeting and cover dish, product training, show the plan, do the follow-up, and do some sales too. Oh I missed to tell you, I needed to read at least two new books every month and listen to two new CDs everyday day after day, order products deliver them to the customers. If they do not pay on time go again and collect money. If someone signs up go and submit the products, spend time with them. Attend monthly business building seminars promote them, try to qualify for eagle club (three working legs with 6%, 10 people subscribing to the books and CDs, 20 people in major functions etc.) Face negatives and ‘NO’s and people who joined majority did not do much. And there were people quitting officially as well. 10 months in the business not qualified for 9% and not even an ‘Eagle’ which was told to be 90 days programme! All these were apart from my job, on which I had to devote maximum time. So sleep less and feel proud of putting efforts, results will come some day! Once you have a team to duplicate you only have to guide them. Remind you my maximum PV in a month, during entire 22 months, never crossed 800 and reached above 650 twice or thrice, vaguely remember now. And I was told again and again that, as in cricket initial few overs are be difficult, so in Amway business initial period will be difficult, you are on a right track, keep doing more. Never miss any meeting, never miss the association and expenditure that came along never count, these are all small investments you need to make.

If any of you reading this blog, did the work I did will realise what am I talking. Otherwise, I am not sure you will make much sense of cult kind of behaviour that, all these system guys behave. So I started believing in my destiny as Amway success only! Keep listening to CDs and reading books and attending all functions, surely your thinking capacity is vanished and you can relate with my story, quite easily. This is what was taught in CDs with respect to order of priorities in daily life – “You>Your Spouse>Your Children>Your Parents and family>Your Job>Your business”. Now go back and read my schedule again! And you have “no problems at all, only challenges, in hurdle jumping athletes only look at the goal not the hurdles, you are not thinking long-term yaar, you will become what you think, if your hands are empty your brain has lot to think, do more!”… See how guilt can step into your mind!