So, I had given away all those books and CDs back to my up-line. While asking the questions or you can call ‘counselling’ agin [:)], he told ‘I am frustrated, you have life time to do this business. Everyone goes through difficult phases, then only you can call it as achievement. I did not do any magic in this business. Second month in my platinum qualification one of my downline quit. But I still have the business, I have not lost the world. What happens if you lose your job or why will give control to your boss, with respect to your financial future? What if your wife does not want to go to work? You are going towards slavery leaving out the freedom’.

I had no intentions to fight with him, so I told I could not do business with your vertical alignment structure – “You>Your Spouse>Your Children>Your Parents and family>Your Job>Your business”. And my objective is not dream something outside my medium term horizon. He had told me once, ‘Amway is not built for money but for life style’. I returned the same to him saying, I need money from the business and if a better life style comes that is just a bonus.

He still took me for granted, and said, ‘take the CDs and books back home and we will speak later’. But I had the guts to say a polite ‘No’. I was so relaxed! No pressure of contacting, and no pressure of PV goals, in fact I do not have to take pride in participating in up-line’s goals. Now I do not have to feel guilty if I go home and spend time with my wife and family.

Here is my observation:

If the success rate/probability is 1-2% and you will succeed only if you have all the people skills, leadership skills, ability to follow and put consistent effort why do we do only Amway? When you preach freedom, why your up-line decides whom should you sponsor in-depth or width, when should you take vacation (if ever), when to go to home town/native, which company to work, when to retire from job (!), what to buy, how much should you spend on a daily basis… on an on and on. Whatever prescribed, you should do and you call the person who is obeying the prescriptions as to having freedom. The biggest issue is they hate everyone who is Job but they do not show plan if someone is unemployed! Everywhere it is a complete pseudo ideology and hypocrisy. Within a few weeks of joining I was told by a succesful builder regarding Amway business. He met a guy who was succesful in Amway business having seen him recognised in higher pin on one of the system functions. After couple of years that successful guy became mentally ill and never recovered from a kind of shock. He does not seem to get cured with time or any normal treatments. What did I do? Told the same story to my up-line who said, “Why do you listen to some one who did not do?”.

I was reading in a book, not a system provided one, it said, “You need to learn from others mistakes, understand what works and what does not, spending more time to become a master in a field which is not going to work will only take you downwards”