I will tell you my up-line’s story. He has been in the business active since 2007. Once you become ‘ active’ or ‘core’ here is the list of expenses.

At least Rs 1000 tools every month

BBS Costing 250 but you might end up going to more than one per month

Life changer major functions including other expenses, 5000 per annum

Petrol expenses of at least Rs 500-750 even during those years

Then eating outside forever for the sake of contacting – Rs 3000

Once you start ‘qualifying’ for your up-line’s night owl it will be again another 1000 bucks per month

Additional tools based on your immediate sign ups, basically on a worst performing month of Rs 500

There might be other stationary, misc expenses or so on – let us say that is another 250 per month

Add up – let us say Rs 5000, even though above list is true and could get only heavier.

With all best case scenarios the bear minimum investment adjusting all expenses to qualify as platinum is Rs 2,00,000 (negative balance!)

Let us assume you become core after you cross 6% and the above expenses are bear minimum for person to achieve 15%.

My up-line was in 9% -12% for 15 months. And with above expenses he definitely must have spent about Rs 80,000 while out of fifteen months assuming he got something – let us say average retail profit of Rs 1000 (never happens every month for anyone if you exclude your own family members) and his income through commission – 3 times 9% and four times 12% and five times 6% – ‘provided’ he has everyone in width (this never happens too) will earn in total of Rs 50000 so you start your higher pin with best case scenario loss of Rs 30000. I excluded all up line goal PVs and forced buys and unnecessary top brand purchases in shopping malls. Also assumed that, he will not have lost anything until he reaches 9% these two are also not in reality.

Now let us talk about his 21% ‘qualification’. You can assume to have added another Rs 2500 per month as he starts spending more on tools and even possibly un subscribed tickets and so on. More plans more books and cds given which are not returned more signup and hence more tools to downlines. He took another eight months reach 21% of Rs 54000 commission which I saw personally. Now assume he maintained 12-15% level for 7months. However, once you start maintaining some level your income reduces! Because you need to start having people in downlines at the same level too make them profitable other wise they will not fight for your silver qualification. Once this happens your income becomes less than that off downlines. I did this when I was at 6%! I say this because he was just an eagle and did not have more than 3working legs! So let us still say he will have earned Rs6000 every month. Starting with zero PV every month Amway is the most inconsistent business! If you do not understand what I say go and do the business and ensure your brain is open while doing the business. That is about another Rs20000 loss – til now totalled up to Rs 50,000 on a best case scenario!

So he became 21% and has not qualified for gold (3months at 21%) for next fifteen months which I knew. Once he is silver he has tools counter at home, all products in artistry lying literally everywhere home. A costly health analysis machine. To show off he has a car along with two bikes. He is a leader now and PASE meeting and all other stuff happening at his home. And he is in the ‘inner circle’ of up line doing more and more! He has to invest 10000 every month in tools, let us say 4000 is sold, so Rs 6000,  minimum products of Rs 15000, he has bought for downlines, should have all products all times, etc, he and his wife do spend at least Rs 10,000 on clothes(!, yes I had been with them), Rs 10000 on petrol and vehicles, other expenses like eating outside, travelling on outstation business can easily add up to Rs 50000. Best case a consistent spending of Rs 40000 i have seen for six months! Tell me what is his income. All higher pins and not all 6legs even qualified. Best case income from commission could be put at 30000 every month?? He could have been qualified as platinum, by now, if that was the case! His up line platinum has not yet qualified as founders platinum as yet, I was in business for 22 months, he was a platinum before I joined (and he had silver downline as referred above) Anyways we will take that loss of Rs 10000 for last 15months! So before someone becomes a platinum he has to spend nearly Rs 2,00,000!