Recently Amway India launched old product clearance sale! It did not make a difference to me first up. However when I used my brain (no more ‘Educative CDs, Books, Functions and Associations) I realized a simple thing – all products are not getting cleared off! They include highly promoted core-line and non-core-line catalogue products. How come they are not sold? It shows ‘Not Available’ in the website, means some of the godown and it is up for inventory clearing. Then what happens to so many up-line promotions, such as first couple of days only for platinums and so on… The problem is some of the supplements were part of it! So consume them or sell outdated products because you do not have to miss any ‘promotion’. Do you know who is the best leader? – the one who is excellent at following already a good leader (up-line, always!) and promotes every other events successfully!

And there is another ‘promotion’! by two half liter of home care products at a price of single one liter pack. What intentions should this have? Simple; either the inventory carrying of old stocks is more expensive than giving it away at lesser price or it is another easy way to make forced sales! A bit needs to explained about forced sales. When you need a product which could last until you can use, you will buy larger packs which is already cheaper to smaller pack which has higher cost per unit of use. Then you reduce the smaller pack to make it equal to larger pack makes no difference for personal usage buyer who is already buying larger pack. So what to do with smaller pack at reduced price means what, you need to sell each of them because you can say (beg to buy) “sir/ma’m this small one very cheap now, why don’t you try (buy) it?…” So all ‘inactive’ downlines would have faced tough with above promotions. Any comments?