IBOs in India are in for a very turbulent time! Home care products price was increased earlier this year and we are hearing news of re-launching home-care products with go-green branding. This move is good for Amway but difficult for IBOs as the price for all of them are also set for another steep hike. If you are active in the business then you need to purchase  high-priced new branded/labelled product irrespective of your existing stock. ‘You cannot be selling something outdated’ for that matter you do not give a right impression to have old products at display in you hose first of all! So buy forcefully, again, if you are thinking about cost this is a very small ‘investment’ but how will your team buy if you do not buy… (so on and so forth).

There is another agricultural adjuvant and that is in for about 50% price hike which is already justified! All the best to guys, common – are you fired up? Excited? Hooooooo keep the atmosphere warming clap.. keep going…..

Remember to check your finances when you get time 🙂