We had lots and lots of talk regarding Amway India success last year. Especially the story of some huge sales last year increasing numbers etc. Now we seem to have a few more news that need to be looked from different angles. First is Amway India setting up a new plant on its own for Nutritional Supplements and beauty products. As per the news item (giving you the link below) Amway India products are not manufactured by them but the contract vendors.

I have always been told by my up-line and the system about Amway being cash rich, company, some $10.9 billion or some crap and also Forbes listing etc. My up-line also told me about the Amway – the fair thing etc as if Amway is a huge company and also with or without you they will succeed and so on. If Amway were to be a fair company why are the prices soaring in India? Literally IBOs are sucked out to buy all costly products. If they had so much money, why did it take so long to invest in India. Simple truth is they are not doing something for nothing! They wanted to make sure that there enough IBO cults before starting their own unit! Because they have established everything in terms of IBO infrastructure and cult development systems are very much in place now they can have their own manufacturing plant but do not have to worry in terms of pricing, for that matter they can start using the word – Swadeshi – meant, home country. I know there has been money back guarantee on products but how many system following cults have the guts to give the used product back and take the money?

All that I can see is, Amway is ready to sweep India in the near future. Amway has already been successful to get the Government backing and is the important member of IDSA  – Indian Direct Selling Association. They have grown big enough to build the cultism and are ready to do arm wrestling with everyone in the country.

Here is a brief report recently posted –  Amway India: Donning the war paint