Whenever there is a new product launch, we need to understand a few things. First and foremost, do I need them? Most of the up-lines promote Amway Products to their down lines in a few ways which are very important. When I was in the business, my up-line told me to use a multi-vitamin-multi-mineral. OK, I used it gave it to my wife and a few others in the family. What next? Listen to more CDs, and come to more functions! What do they say? Take maximum number of supplements, then you will feel good and you can promote to others. So we started taking more than Rs 100 per day of supplements. In fact some of the speakers were so shameless to say, if you consume more you can make others consume, but there is no phrase ‘is it really needed?’. So we started taking so much of supplements and after sometime I realised, if I have to sleep for maximum of six hours every day for 365 days year I need everything that is there in their store! I do not say you should not take any of those supplements but you should see if it is really needed.

Then came so-called skin care, you should not call them cosmetics, because it can be used by men also 🙂 My wife was not that keen on such products, but again submit to up-line and they told us, you are already promoting supplements so effectively, and therefore if you use them, you can promote! So first month buy for yourself and see if you can promote. Next month they came and told us, you need to have all the products one or two spare with you, so that you can give it to customers immediately. So buy again! End of the month night 11 o’clock your up-line calls you and says, ‘hi, we are fighting for one of our up-line platinum’s goal, and we were expecting some 200PV from you, so far it is about 60PV can you see, if you can place a few more orders, I will help you to retail them’. Do you guys understand what happened in last two months, phenomenal way of ‘product promotion’.

Amway India is launching number of products this year. About six nutritional (?) supplements and a few more in skin care category and rebranding of homecare products and raising prices more than once for a few of the products, in last 12months. When there is new product launch, every ‘Core IBO’ is expected to buy by default. When there is a new Artistry offer even if you have 4sets, you should still bu new one because your downline who have not bought it can buy seeing yours! What to do with old ones, those things are common, you need to retail old stocks quickly. I heard somewhere that, if you can sell Amway products you can sell a BMW as well. (Not to be happy that Amway is equal to BMW, but consider what profit margins you get in BMW, even for equal turnover!) Products do last long enough, so how can you ‘quickly retail’ the product which lasts for more than a year every month, Amway marketing plan and the reality are so different! This is indeed a vicious circle, new products only mean new purchases and not more sales, you can sell them only at 5percent success for new customers and old customers already have it and not used up completely!