Here is one more piece of thought about my Amway experience, where I found how you are trapped into the system. When I joined Amway, I was invited for the Amway meeting. Later I realized, it is not by Amway but by the system. I asked why, and told I do not need any external motivation. He said you can associate with successful people in the business. I wondered what did he meant? I did not know many things then and I agreed after several invitations (mandatory?). One things cults are good at is in their patience and an ability to make a better first impression. I went the meeting, and now I realize the truth is whenever up-line cannot say something by himself, association can make tell the IBOs indirectly. There you will get directions about your compulsive following of system and up line. And the atmosphere is artificially created to create an out of the world impression, especially with so-called sharp people.

Next question I had was, why every meeting, book and CD? “This is how so called successful people do, if you want to succeed do what it is told in the system, Amway is 100% success within the system!” So this is how you are sucked by the very efficient systems, and they were proven success to do this in last forty plus years of Amway history. Of course you need to have a system in direct distribution market to have a get together for a group. But instead of having your own group  level discussion and strategies, you end up subscribed to motivational associations which in return make you bare and you do not even know that! There will be some leading statements, if you do miss a function your downline will miss and his downline and so on. It looks true, but why do you must have so many meetings, books and CDs forever? Here is the list of things which make you empty-handed and still make you look like hero without substance –

  • Weekly Open Opportunity Meeting
  • Night Owl – end up spending because you ought to have expensive food
  • Product Awareness and System Education – weekly, travel and eat outside again
  • Business Building Seminar – every month
  • Cover Dish – once in couple of months
  • CDs and Books on Standing Order
  • Every function you need to buy and also from your up line’s tool counter
  • Summer Conference and Free Enterprise Day celebration
  • Last but not least – Up line counseling, at least twice a week, late night
  • Special product trainings held by Amway or its partners

Common, all these are known to be un productive hours in the business, because you do not generate PV end of the day! Be successful in a part-time income, how much of hidden realities not told on the plan? Numerous!