Here you go! One more instance where the most acclaimed IBOs, or I can call them cults will have tough time defending. Of course there have been many instances in the past that Amway cults either asked you to close your eyes for all the legal issues that Amway suffered or they have been ably defending such charges with greater degree of analogies or some system taught statements. Now the above mentioned case gives an opportunity to ask questions to your up-line cults in terms of illegal activities carried out by Amway. I do not understand one thing, how all so-called educated cults in Amway defend legal cases such as this.

“If You Were an Amway/Quixtar Distributor Any Time
Between January 1, 2003 and February 21, 2012,
You Could Get Benefits from a Class Action Settlement.”

The above line is directly taken from the website which has clearly mentioned what benefits you get for the losses suffered through Amway or product pricing or from the educational systems. If anyone can prove the expenses incurred are through Amway, such as bills or credit card statements you can get your money back. Of course the compensation for losses can be requested only till the 17 August 2012. The best sentence in the entire notice is “You do not need to provide documentation to receive free products.”

The above sentence clarifies Amway products are expensive, for its quality and they do not form to be luxurious products. I suppose court understands that, this is a scam because it has made it clear its stance regarding Business Support Materials and they’re literally of no use in real life. If anyone interested can go through the website about more information in terms of legal implications the Amway-Quixtar suffered. The case makes it 100% clear that Amway is a scam, people are drowned into it and there are people who could prove it. I want Amway or any MLM cults to answer a few questions now –

  • CDs, Books and functions are three pillars of the business and no one makes money in it – why did court asked to compensate for Business Support Materials which had disclaimers in it, even then it is still illegal?
  • Ours is most divine system and we truly belive in helping people – none of the BSMs help anywhere so should be compensated as per court of law?
  • Come to the meeting/function, read books and listen to tapes it will help you outside Amway! If you were an IBO during 9yrs time the helping BSM companies are bound to compensate, why?
  • Products are either concentrated, value for money or market direct competitors – why the court of law has asked Amway-Qixtar to give free of cost for anyone who complains being an IBO any time during 2003-2011? luxury and robbery are different 🙂
  • Where did the product demonstrators and trainers go when court ruled to give free products
  • Why did court appoint the lawyer for all IBOs and all are paid thorough settlement meaning Quixtar pays for your lawyers as well?
  • How Amways finances will not get affected in turn why will not IBOs be penalised because of the multi-billion dollar settlement?

Of course I am not here to mislead anyone here, court did not decide who is right but Amway settled for hefty payments like this! If you were right why at such a high level you did not defend? In many places poor people do not get justified because they do not have the shelf life to really fight against the big entities. A company which is claimed to have presence in more than 80 plus countries and cash rich net worth of more than ten billion dollars ready to settle? Can all freedom-hoppers explain why aren’t they gutsy enough to defend being right and legitimate? If Amway is paying so much money I can understand why the products in India are getting price hike 🙂

All the best freedom fighters!