What is it all about? Everyone says, you lose money here, this is place where it is not legal, people end up becoming literally mad, cultism developed and so on – that’s famously called Business Support Materials or simply put BSMs. As a fresher in the business, first thing that is expected is to believe whatever your up line told. In fact, up-line will judge the newly signed IBO based on his willingness to listen to CDs, read books and come to the function. Here is trick for new IBOs, of course I was too honest, you can try this 🙂 Avoid functions, do not just listen to CDs and do not read books they give even out of curiosity! If you do once, there is a high chance that, you are trapped. Especially the books and CDs they give will certainly come and hit hard on to your mind. Suddenly you start feeling that up line is a god who is helping you to succeed in life and it will also tell you to follow your up line.

Let us come to what happens actually once you are in the BSMs. First a few things will be given to you and during some functions, there will be great praise for someone who started buying CDs and books and also coming to functions on his own. So you are also supposed to do so! And you start promoting functions, CDs and books. I was told that, if you take more people to the function you are a leader, ‘leader is the one who can promote’ so you are desperate to do it by yourself. This is how your commitment is developed in BSMs, of course I did not elaborate too much but this should give a prospect a fair idea about what goes inside the cultism development. Continuous enforcement of  BSMs make you behave weirdly, cults feel that everyone outside the business are fools, they are going to enjoy heavenly life, everything that is done in their business is noble and good for god’s sake and so on.

Unless otherwise this style of implementation is practiced there is no way BSM business is going to work. Mostly everyone with common sense understands, the learning is not required every day to succeed, but the implementation is required. Amway apologists do say that, you need to be in the loop for sure, but if the learning is not new, same story repeated every next day, the purpose is understandable. If BSMs are educational, why are they 10 times expensive than making/manufacturing cost? Apologists continue to say, everyone who is genuinely interested should only purchase. But how many should you buy? Rich Dad Poor Dad from Robert T Kiyosaki is the first book given to many IBOs in India. If you like author’s writing, you cannot go and buy what you like, then comes recommended books. I realized, so many books over so many years written by successful people? How can this be true? If they really existed why are they not in the Fortune  500 list or NYSE and NASDAQ bourses? One of my trusted down line who is big internet savvy told me that, it is an agreement between Amway affiliated education systems such as BWW, WWDB, N21 etc. and some writers. Writers will write what they are expected in return they will get their money, all fictitious stories will presented to already toned IBOs as to existing personal success stories through which they can also succeed. So who makes money, your up-lines who are part of their respective systems and those writers. Poor IBOs who have not reached platinum pin will keep fighting for everything and up lines who have a fair share in all the BSMs sold. They feel guilty about not having succeeded they keep buying them and goes on  crazy. Unfortunately no one really checks whether the those writers have any authentic business or why unheard diamond’s CDs are there in monthly subscriptions.