Is it really true that Amway is that bad? I would not say so. Amway does manufacture reasonably good quality products, charges you a premium price but that is a manufacturer’s decision, in a free economy everyone is entitled to charge whatever he feels feasible. They do give you a very good complete business reference guide, they have their own training programs. If you do 100 PV turnover in cosmetics and health supplements in a month, you get a chance to go for free health check up or skin care analysis. More importantly, IBO can access to the business reference guide and understand whether the business is doable for him or not. Amway start up cost is indeed zero and if you do not want to continue in the business, walk away any time and no compulsion. However business reference guide never reaches a new IBO and most of the options available are not told by so called system following core IBOs. There have been number of times that, Amway core IBOs are called as ‘Cults’. Let us see why this serious accusation over so called self motivated dream builders.

Cultism by dictionary definition is: Obsessive, especially faddish, devotion to or veneration for a person, principle, or thing. What this has to do with Amway which is meant for a legitimate business where products and services move one side and the price or money moves from the other. Cultism accusation mostly comes to the Amway affiliated education systems who define the life for every IBO. If you have to tell everything you do to your up line and follow everything what he says believing that he has only interest to build you and your life. First thing you are told is to submit to the system and up line. This is where the problem lies. Most of the business comes from the IBOs who got contacted in a restaurant or any other place. You end up submitting whole of your life – I say whole of your life because I was told when I decided to quit, ‘you have your life time to build this business’.

When someone says, submit it means two things, one – do as he says, generally in religions we do what is told, two – do not ask questions, the system has been there for decades, leaders are primarily good followers, it can only be win-win situation and so on. However, when is that the whole world is flat? Or is it in Amway systems whole world is flat, that every IBO does the same – thinking and acting? If that was the case why there are so many IBOs who quit even after attending multiple meetings and association with the system. Simply because, they realize couple of things – just because acting differently you cannot make money, every individual is different he need not do the same things to succeed as other successful person (let us take it as there is success in Amway for a moment) did, it becomes so suffocating that he cannot get most of his doubts cleared and answers look readymade to unbearable extent. This is where is the cultism comes into picture, following something without asking questions. You should not even think about things that are not told by up line, such as business expenses and income or succeeding in your employment etc. You should not take up new courses or qualifications etc. Once you join Amway you need to make sure Amway is centre of your life and all other decisions should revolve around Amway and system along with your association – down lines, up lines and cross lines. Amway apologists keep defending everything for the sake of arguments. If you do succeed the credit goes to your up line, system and down lines and if you do not succeed, Amway apologists come back and tell you that your decisions make you successful or a failure. If you do not do anything without up line’s consent still you end up listening to this simply because decisions are acts in Amway business or system are not meant for recording. Nothing is quantified except the PV, hence you are a loser! Just by staying in the business you are humiliated and if you want to quit you’re even more suffocated, many advises from up-lines and being answerable to everyone for your failure. How can someone say that, if you do not succeed in Amway your good for nothing? Do they come and make your life successful inside Amway or outside? To save marriages, to do charity, and lose freedom of thoughts and acts why do Amway? Last but not least, how can everything outside Amway be wrong as argued by Amway apologists do not even agree to disagree for an individual’s point of view?