IBOs talk about making owners in the business, but why is that they take 10 years to find six owners? And that too do business with all teaching and FMCG sector, Hilarious! Time multiplication does not happen even after five years? Truth is, whenever you get to certain pin – platinum or above, they claim ‘last couple of years’. So you can be there without becoming platinum for years with all expenses and once you become platinum, start waving hands in meeting about your success in couple of years! He talked about public franchising cost and cannot duplicate. Amway business can create zero tangible assets, PV goes to nil every month last midnight and they compare with McDonald’s. Franchising fees is an advance and because the brand is already built it is simple to operate as well.

Presenter talks about the margin for the business where money goes in to advertisers and shops on FMCG and now to your pockets. Then why is only 20% is distributed amongst the IBOs when he claimed 30% is manufacturing cost for Amway and that too company hardly spends on advertising sells concentrated products and all of them are either equal or more expensive than market competitors?

When did Amway start giving you all the products, when you talk about monthly expenses, it is obvious that you will buy home care, personal care (which Amway has, not compulsorily health and beauty), grocery, vegetables, milk and other eatables and to some extent apparels. All these are supposed to be part of whatever the monthly expenditure estimate a prospect gives. But in reality Amway gives only few of them and creates a new market in health, nutrition beauty as if you would live without them and you IBOs also buy others outside Amway. So this is the first reason why your credit card or monthly expenses go up straight after you join Amway.

Referring six people is told on the plan but never in reality, as all new guys will sponsored in depth. Reason given is you have to build the leg then only you can move, so you end having depth no profitability and if the depth fails, which is likely because as per 80:20 rule, 6 persons I sponsored in depth 1 or 2 will only get serious and you are already at least three months in Amway! No profits but spending on system would also have started. And he talked about being platinum, my working up line did not reach the position in five years in the business as was aware. Think of all the costs, presenter talks about 150 families succeeding every month! I know it was up loaded in 2009 and by now there should be at least 7200 silvers and above in the past four years! Stunning estimate sir, I salute your statistics of 150 succeeding every month to silver or up 🙂

Exceptional, he talks also about making money generations together, like Albert Einstein 🙂  I really recommend all readers to go through Business Reference Guide for how income plan works. The word Amway is a sin to say, so do not utter, he was comfortable with the system name! Poor Amway, they do produce and take care of customer service and government rules court cases everything and does not get noticed at all in the entire presentation. Products explained at the last point where most people do not give attention, unfortunately the cycle should go this way Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

P.S.: I browsed through the web and got publicly available videos on YouTube and I do not have any vested interest to promote or otherwise someone else’s contents.