Many times prospects ask the question – very genuine one – how much are you making? How long have you been in the business? All Amway core IBOs are taught one thing, read books, listen to CDs and associate in functions and meetings with other IBOs. Here is where all the well framed readymade answers are taught, there are books with readymade question and answers. So the title of this post “I already have a big business coming up” is one from my system experiences. What rubbish sentence is that? What is the thing that you already have and it is still coming up! Hilarious answer it looks and the reason behind such answers is hidden agenda to conceal and confuse. The cults are also taught to not to answer all the questions, did you remember some IBO saying, “let us say I answer all your queries, will you sign up for the business?”. This is also part of teaching, for every question reply with an open ended opposite question, prospects normally get confused and have no clue about what Amway is all about.

Once you start asking questions, the conversation is controlled by you and not the prospect. If you are controlling conversation, you mostly end up convincing prospect that, he does not know much and therefore his doubts are not valid until he joins the business. Next biggest question is how long have you been there in the business? For this, there are a few answers that are taught, “I have been in the business for last couple of years and I do this business part time”. Unfortunately, I heard all platinums, emeralds and diamonds using the same phrase, “last couple of years” almost everyday, either through CDs or directly – face-to-face. I know enough people who have been in the business for at least eight years who have not qualified beyond platinum or emerald. Remember Amway qualifications are only forever, you reach platinum once and you’re called platinum IBO until you quit, even though in reality you might be making 6% commission.

Next question a prospect will ask – how much money are you making? Genuine question and here is the confusing answer and leading question in return – “whatever I am making does not matter to you as my business and your business is going to be different, but I can take you to meet enough people who make Rs 50,000 or more on a monthly basis. Shall I ask you something? Let us say me and Sachin Tendulkar both play cricket for 15years but will I ever become Sachin Tendulkar? No. Therefore, if you decide (just deciding makes you rich?) to become big in Amway who is there to stop you?”. What a wonderful answer is it not? The question was how much money are you making and he conveniently avoids the purpose of the discussion. Of course, all the above look correct in terms of examples and analogies (built over 40years of refining). But if you are not willing to commit something personally about your income level in the business and you ask your prospect to submit himself to the sponsor why should he do so, or why should he join this IBOs business? This is how the obeying/submission starts, “do not ask questions, system has been there for decades, join and check out”. So once you start thinking in the direction of the sponsor, you are committed for financial suicide. All the best Amway or MLM prospects 🙂