Here we go! Claims after claims on quitters and on prospects who decline to join and the worst of all was a claim made by my up line last week over my former downline. I am going to narrate what happened when my up line called the downline who had quit almost along with me. Let us see that downline’s profile – a person who works during night shift all the time and has his weekly holidays not on Saturdays and Sundays but during the middle of the week, not married so not a readymade 100PV per month, stays in a paying guest kind of an accommodation, has his education loan outstanding, was showing a few plans here and there, irregularly regular to functions and system tools, and all importantly my up line had called him as ‘I replaced him already from my list, you can not build business based on his commitments, sponsor more in width outside his group/depth’.

I had told this person that, boss this September and our up line is likely to call you to renew your subscription. He did not believe me because he had told my up line about his disinterest a few months back. So my so called silver qualified up line called this person and started with a casual talk – which was also expected, ‘hi, how are you long time, how is work’ etc. Then he started with ‘what would you do if you do not do Amway?’. My downline replied, ‘I don’t think I can do Amway business with my schedule and if I have to put so much effort – which is well beyond 12-15 hours a week part time – I can do anything and succeed’. This made my up line angry it seems. He ended up shouting what can you do man, the income in your job that you get entire year, our diamond can make in ten days! This was a fatal remark from a so called humble guy, speaks nice, excuses people, has leadership quality of forgiveness and moving on, follows system to the core where it is taught – never hurt someone’s ego, work in noble cause and add whatever so called ideal things to follow. Until then my down line was not that perturbed, but this remark put my down line on to offensive. He replied, ‘world is not flat, each person is different and will have different background and opportunities, whatever Amway diamond can make in a year, Bill Gates can make in ten days as well, but I cannot start another Microsoft’. My greatest up line had no answer for that, and he started with other things. Why do not use supplements for your mother and yourself this that and stories knowing that they cannot afford 50PV products every month consistently. This indicated one thing, he was so desperate to get fifty PVs from an IBO who had never done much and was already out of the business.

I remember posting another article saying – Do not whine about quitters in this blog a few months back. I mentioned how my up line tortured me not to talk about a new or old IBO who quit or did not do anything. Remember, I was not a so called leader in Amway – being at 6%, but what about the great leader who achieved silver pin and was an Eagle by that time parameters. I continue to write this blog not to influence your decision, but if you have brain you can see how badly Amway cults are Hippocratic. I cannot argue with any Amway apologists when it comes to argument per se, but in reality – Amway opportunity and it’s cult teaching systems are worst ever. This is the reason why my blog has the title – Financial Suicide (which also includes mental disorder). I cannot use bad words here, but I know how dark people are in Amway business and do not allow them to rule your life before you realize. No one does something for nothing!