I recently browsed YouTube checking out for latest news on “Amway scam” and a few similar sounding words. For my surprise the video titles were immediately matching but content was something else! Everyone in the video started with the topic to talk about how bad was Amway and only to end with contradiction to the title of the video. There are many Amway defenders on the internet these days. Notable defenders go to an extent of reaching out every website and blogger’s asked stupid questions by those apologists.

What is so great about Amway? No idea, because everyone knows more than half of the people do nothing after signing up, because of different reasons. They already heard of Amway and that well-wisher who signed him up boasted too much or any other reasons. Another half of the sign ups quit within six months to years time and people like me who do everything for a year or a little more than that realize how much money we’re losing end up quitting too. So who will remain in the business, one who does not have anything else to do, my emerald up line used to tell ‘they do not want to sit back and watch TV at home so they turn up for weekly open meetings’; ones who simply cannot take their own decisions or even the ones who do not look into their personal finance. How about the products? Everyone says they’re expensive but I say they are the luxurious FMCG! Cost per usage is somewhat comparable with a few products but they last so long that, most of the people end up wasting their money on those products. Typical example is car wash or a home care product. You are supposed to use for hundred times but after two months you do not feel the high price pinch and sometimes it spills over or someone overuses it thinking in similar lines comparable to market etc. Inevitable result – buy what you do not need and spend without necessity.

Amway apologists may say that you are supposed to use your products wisely without causing any wastage. Absolutely true and that’s why you call Amway is source of Mass Deception! What next? In all those videos presenters boasted about the company being in the existence since 1960s. How many times Amway changed name, innumerous! Amway, Alticor, Quixtar, Amway Global – that I am  aware of and many more names in various countries which we may not even know. If Amway is so great, and people come on boasting for the sake of it, why is the word hardly used by people who are affiliated to teaching systems – do the direct marketing business right way!

I was told by my up line innumerous occasions about the importance of teaching system. He kept telling everyone in open gatherings ‘I can do lakhs of turnover with mere LOC and Dish Drops with system but without system I will still fail even if there are hundreds of products’. With that he literally tells you to do everything system recommended. Then why do you need Amway products? Only to ensure safety in the eyes of rules and regulations. It is unfortunate that even after thousands of horror stories on the net newbies continued to get sucked by monsters. I browsed through the web regarding MLMs being scam almost without any exception. Here are a few useful links which should tell you what is a scam and hopefully you can avoid falling into the trap.

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