In my early days I was told that Amway can get people into depressed mental state. I did not understand much during that time, as my thinking was, ‘you have to use Amway products to build business and use system tools for building yourself’. Quite a sacred feeling is it not? But what happens in reality is not shown in any of Amway plans. Once you join the business you are expected to be part of ninety days eagle qualification program. That never happens to anyone or even if it happens it cannot be generalized because 99% of IBOs do not get eagle done in the said time frame. So most of the IBOs fail then and there itself.

First month of joining the business you are expected to reach or qualify 6% which is equal to 300 PV. Unfortunately new IBOs fail to recognize out of 300 PV the new IBO is expected to do 150 PV sign up two-three friends and get 300 PV done. In India 300 PV costs about Rs 22,500. Human beings mostly look for recognition and that has not been made available everywhere. Therefore, when you join the business, you will like that part of recognition and being in the part of bandwagon. IBOs fail to realize you need not buy Rs 20,000 or more worth of FMCG goods for your family. If you say so, your up-line will come with a nice smile to say ‘you use all the products once, if you like it you continue otherwise you can return’. So in the first month itself without even realising you’re brainwashed to buy what you do not need and you start thinking you’re doing the right way.

For very few people 300PV might happen in the first month and then they start going regularly to the function. Once you start associating with people who follow the system you’re bound to hear lots and lots of things. This is the step where you start getting recognised for doing some PV or showing some plans and so on. More you listen to outside of the LOS more they ask you to listen to up-lines. So IBOs start taking that seriously, with which they are very much into the system. This mental attachment automatically makes the IBOs to come to the meeting. Here is where the skepticism goes off and real cultish mentality steps in. They start thinking that, everyone outside Amway are foolish and these are the only set of people who drive life. Let us say, this is about three months, and by now you should have been eagle. You’re not an eagle but still you’re nicely received by your up-line. But sooner than later you should qualify to 9% and by then you would have missed couple of PV goals or some LOS diamond promotions. Now that you have gone to so many meetings, you end up thinking that, every positive result is attributed to system and negative is because of your own failure.

When you start doing contacting if you are able to achieve none or only couple of them, your up line will tell you, ‘you need to believe that you can do five contacts everyday’. ‘If it is not happening, it is the problem with your belief, don’t you see so many people on stage getting recognised for contacting?’. First step in torturing is right here! Then comes, calling and fixing appointing for meetings. If the meeting is getting cancelled often, means you are not believing well enough! If you are lack conviction you cannot sign up prospects! What a shame, just by having mental thought process you get more contacts, can sign up people, and so on? Then why to do the work, sit at home do meditation right? Belief is not everything! Amway has such an unreasonable compensation plan and a very ordinary name to go with it, whatever shown in the business plan or told from the stage never materialises. More you listen to those more isolated you are! Counselling is another story!