Everyone in my LOS up lines and also in CDs, Books, seminars and in every possible association talked about Amway being part-time. When I went to my first meeting (later I was told to call it as ‘function’), everyone talked about being in IT industry. I loved my finance profession and no one was chartered accountant there and no finance professionals in Amway either! Surprising but now I feel finance knowledge if you have it with practical application you are less likely to stick in Amway cultism 🙂 There was an electrical engineer who was claiming to have seven patents working for a company and still doing Amway part-time. There were many other so-called IT industry employees who claimed to have done something for their future, recession proof business and so on.

Let us see what are those part-time things an IBO at whatever pin level should do. There are some nine core steps and four basics and a few cardinal rules to go with it. Nine core steps include, use all the products, STP (Show The Plan), do 300PV personal and have about ten customers. For these things to happen you need to spend at least 6 hours on a daily basis for each of the husband and wife. If you are building the business single it is even more! Then come tapes and books, functions – even though they are supposed to be part of nine core steps you can listen to tapes only when you are doing something else most probably travelling. In case of India where traffic is so high, you might end up sacrificing your life for divine cause of Amway and system, becoming a legend after death to be mentioned in CDs and seminars. You have to read books every day for ten fifteen minutes no matter what is going on in your life. What do you read, same stories written in by different people mentioning the names of each other’s books. For example, how to win and influence people will have certain quotes and examples which will be mentioned in some other books on sales.

Be accountable and be in communication with up line. These are the biggest issues faced by IBOs. You have to commit to big goals and you need to make it all the time. Unless you manage to dream big put big goals you will not achieve. So everyone is expected to commit to goals and be accountable on it. If you do not do 300PV with retail buy now for this month and ‘try to sell next month’ and do next month 300 PV again! Communicate with up line for every damn thing in the world, I know up lines have decided on marriages for so many Ambots, pity but true. It is almost like complete control given to your up line who met you in a restaurant or shopping mall as part of his contacting! If you do not follow nine core steps how do you expect to succeed and how do you know how to manage a team in direct selling business. Your knowledge outside Amway is irrelevant inside, you need to follow all the details given by the ‘system’ for which you’re supposed to plug-in. Up line communication and reading and listening can be done only after 11 PM! So you work nine hours (barring stupid excuses taught by up lines and used by down lines) travel for two hours do business for six hours plus two hours of communication and reading and stuff!

I was told by up line, you should not sleep more than six hours ever! Why I have only one life and let me enjoy my sleep too! And anything less than seven hours of sleep with so much of mental and physical work, even if Nutrilite has hundred certificates about its quality and performance, you will go to depression – physically and mentally! Of course, if you ask me right now also I am in a business for my future apart from my job. But I never have to give excuse to my boss and giggle about it later, and I can still take care of my family and talk to friends and so on.

You are supposed to follow four basics as well! Make a list, invite the prospects, show the plan, and follow-up/follow through! I welcome all the ones who talk about part-time Amway business making millions as secondary source of income in two-five years time. Amway is a deception no matter what apologists keep talking about success stories which are never close to reality.