Rich Dad did not teach one thing to Robert Kiyosaki, that was not to say no when it comes to payment for the services availed. And that’s the reason why Rich Global LLC, where Robert T Kiyosaki is founding member, has filed for bankruptcy. The story as per various news items on the web is quite simple – Learning Annex and its chairman Bill Zanker did not get the money they should have got after making Rich Dad brand so big. So, let us be honest, Robert Kiyosaki is yet to file any kind of personal bankruptcy it is only that, his so-called multi-million business Rich Global LLC filing for one after an US District Judge ordered to pay just under $24 million to the Learning Annex and its chairman Bill Zanker, in August this year.

Well now the question is for all Ambots, how come the author of first ever book never-ending reading list of books file a bankruptcy? Amway is meant for financial freedom or as per my up line – it is for lifestyle. People outside do not have a life so where is the style – quote and unquote my great up line, again. Robert Kiyosaki teaches how to invest and how to get financial literacy. But doesn’t he have some courteously to adhere to agreements entered into? OK now that court had ordered to pay some hefty fine, doesn’t he possess the wealth to pay of these fines and stay afloat? What did he do with the so-called wealth he created doing so many businesses over the years, advocating network marketing, teach how to come out of ‘rat race’, teaching how to retire ‘young, rich and free’? My layman kind of suspicion is he didn’t have anything what he claimed to have.

I have asked several times in various posts and comments, if these writers know how to build business and if they claim to have so many business why aren’t they published in NYSE or DJIA or S&P Indices? Realistically none of these writers do have anything on their own. All they talk is fictitious story about financial freedom, network marketing and MLM propaganda. How do they benefit by propagating MLM is by getting constant sales of their books! I have no statistics to back up about the numbers but I never feel Zig Zigler’s books are purchased by general public more than that of Ambots or any MLM cults. Robert Kiyosaki’s books are more advertised and hence may be, he sells something outside MLM. Every author of such books claim to have so much of success they achieved why are not they showing up in Bloomberg or CNBC news that often? Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others have not written books by themselves but books are written by others who validated to proof of success.

Amway and its affiliate systems do not care about the proof of success of the people but they do care for themselves. Amway and its affiliate systems are good at one thing – thoughtfully designed, longstanding deception. They never say, anything is compulsory but they indirectly keep coming at you! “You listen to CDs and read the book – Rich Dad Poor Dad, come to couple of functions then you will figure out how to do the business”. “You cannot read same thing again and again, so you go for book and CD of the month program where the system panel with so much of experience recommends right materials to use in your business”. Is there anything compulsory in above quotes? Nothing! But if you do not do, you are not doing the business the right way to build your financial future, so do what is told in the system!

So, new and all so-called core IBOs keep subscribing to these motivational books, and cash only flows towards up lines! I really wanted to talk to all Ambots about the success of Rich Dad Poor Dad author who failed even after achieving financial freedom:) but not sure – systems might have factored into Robert Kiyosaki issues already! Earlier there were news items about Amway diamonds and financially free people filing bankruptcy now the teachers, cannot stop laughing 🙂 Meanwhile, I recommend all you readers of my blog post to go through the following links as well –