I firmly believe that there are always positive and negative sides for anything. Lets us have brief look at what Amway affiliated systems such as, TEAM, N21, WWDB or BWW in terms of impact on the success of an IBO. When a prospect signs up as an IBO there is high chance that he must have been approached by an IBO who is already following a particular system. It is obvious that the prospect ends up getting affiliated to same system that his up line IBO belongs to. I wanted to talk about this simply because I could find enough instances on the internet where a few the former IBOs told that they went platinum without being in the system and when I was an IBO, I was told that inside the ‘system’ 100% success rate outside the system 0% success rate.

To certain extent I agree that, systems are necessary for an IBO. For example, the system keeps the IBOs united to be called as an organisation. If you do not have a set of people who are so-called successful, there is no way you can show someone who, are already in this form of direct marketing business. As an IBO being fresh, you may not know how to talk appropriately about the business. A new IBO may find it difficult to explain to prospects on his own unless learnt and the learning may come from the one who has done it before. Similarly it matters as to how the message is getting conveyed to a prospect, if you do not know one, mostly you end up sponsoring none. Therefore, in the initial stages of an IBO it does help to have a tried and tested method that works and taught and learnt with enthusiasm.

However, why there are so many IBOs who quit always come back and start complaining about the system, and of course a little about Amway too. It is because the system does make you to do things which IBOs do not want in the name of success probability and most cases because of the design of the business IBOs end up not making any money or mostly losing too much over a period of time. IBOs are expected to attend every meeting – Weekly Open meeting, so called weekly PACE meeting at your up lines house, phone meeting, product training, monthly BBS, twice a year mega functions, all at their own expense even though while recruiting up line tells that, you get into the business and only expense is product which you use for home. So on the face of it no one knows all the expenses involved. Systems also ask you to buy books and CDs regularly so that you can loan it to new IBOs or offer to prospects when you show the plan. Some groups also ask IBOs to give samples when they go for demo.

Next comes up line counselling, cover dish and so on provided you are doing everything that is told. Any time your up line calls you, you should almost fall on his feet with agreement for whatever he says. He says switch job, do not take up oversees assignments in your job, always buy expensive branded apparel and other stuff and so on. Everything he tells you do it and CDs continue to say that, if you are not able to do the business that’s your fault. So by now IBO must have spent so much money being core and made really nothing because, end of the day, Amway products are too expensive to be called FMCG – I call them luxurious FMCG – and they do last more than a  month and hence you need to find new customers every month. This is when a core IBO who wanted to make money from Amway leaves. Of course system is necessary in initial stages but not to an extent you attend 52 into number of weekly meetings, plus many other issues mentioned just before. Core IBOs either must have lost the ability to think independently or else they are out of the business soon enough. Because if you have some brain to think independently next moment you would quit Amway business or for that matter any MLM on earth.