Recently there are many news items on proposed MLM regulation in India. Amway India seems to be the leader of so-called IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) and therefore speaking like a right hand of the government and regulators. First time when the news came about Government of India’s regulations on MLM companies, Amway started the public propaganda saying, it welcomes the better regulations so that companies involved in right practices would be really benefited from this. I really like the way they handle governments across territories around the world! Amway is definitely big as well as sharp – either they can handle governments to ensure the ruling and legislations are in their favour or they can update their way of operations quickly enough to ensure that they are out of any punishment.

Recently a famous private Indian business news TV channel along with Amway sponsorship managed to air half hour program (Direct SalesUnshackling the potential) propagating Amway India. There were a few presenters including Amway India enterprise leader. The discussion looked very awkward when I realised that, the TV anchor was almost asking predefined carefully thought out points and the rest of the people in the show were just explaining the points. Unfortunately there were no arguments or discussions happening it was almost as if designed to propagate Amway especially for IBOs can go out and boast more and more about the legality of the business and so on. But I never doubted that, Amway is genuine enough in terms of products, because they are competitive and you are getting a guarantee of those products.

But an IBO will have problems that are beyond the explanations, such as depression issues, and many things that end up differing in real life situations. Everyone in the half an hour show talked about Amway being educative for the IBOs through various channels. One person in fact went to an extent saying it gives income opportunity to do part-time keeping his full-time job. True, it is said that 12-15 hours a week of effort you can become a millionaire! But after someone joins the business, realises that most of the activities are not included in those number of hours. To be honest, that TV program was designed to woo more people to Amway through official channel of communication. Any discussion which does not have opposing views is a mere advertisement. I know how expensive are the products and Amway continue to receive applause for educating and helping customers – pathetic that is. Amway is a mass deception and it is well crafted one and hence mostly whatever talked in the official channels is always completely different from the reality. Amway business works but designed to make everyone fail in long-term.