I think biggest reason why many people still end up being sucked out in Amway because, they cannot simply quit. They have fear from everywhere! If you go and stand in front your great up line, he tells this is not the time you should quit. Success is round the corner and possibly the famous story of a farmer who dug the land so much so that, he was fed up and sold it to some businessman. And the businessman took about a month’s time to dig gold out of the same land. Honestly speaking, that is yet another plain lie from your beloved up line. It happened to me when I went there and said – I quit, and I was throwing out all the CDs and books on his floor telling him that I would never come back. But he continued to tell me that, I was going from freedom to slavery and started talking negative stuff such as my wife not going to work, company throwing me out of job, so many negatives!

Anything outside Amway was negative and I was ready to quit seeing enough of Amway opportunity! Finally I quit and now my life is so full of activities and people around the world are still there. I do have enough to spend my time the way I want. I enjoy reading news and following sports and also love my family time – I had missed all of them in two years with so-called dream-builders. Let us come to money part and for me it is the single most reason, to do or not to do which is called business. I do not spend on expensive FMCG anymore means I have at least 30% savings right away! For example, for Rs 26 to Rs 30 we get very good bath soaps weighing about 100gms and 75g Persona used to cost Rs 40 and it was boasted that, BMW cannot be compared with Maruti Alto. Why do we need to spend so much on day-to-day products.

I am still alive without supplements, and we enjoy more fruits and vegetables as we do not spend Rs 100 on daily basis unlike being core IBOs. If you are spending more than Rs 50,000/- brand, longevity, perfect performance and stuff do matter. But FMCG experience is always supposed to be with various products and we are not in jail to have same soap, shampoo, tooth paste forever! My wife is happy to try out new products in cosmetics and not the ever so same luxuries which we never wanted. We can sleep at night 10 O’Clock and no guilty feeling, we can have food wherever we want. I can travel by bus without having to search for contacts and do not have to feel guilty if I do not get one. Especially first few days the feeling was awesome – kind of out of jail, out of restrictions!

I do not have to share my finances, my head to toe decisions and stuff with my up line anymore. I do not have to work to impress my up line, and do not have to bother duplication anymore. I still read books and they are not recommended by system, I attend seminars that are not based on selling tickets, I say hello to new people but no intentions to show the plan, sign up to Amway. I listen to teachings but they are case by case basis. I can decide to download free e-books on the net, watch YouTube for learning new things and I do not have to worry about down lines duplicating, because Amway systems do not allow you to copy CDs without buying, and even if the e-books are available free of cost, still IBOs are expected to buy. I do not have to say harsh words to anyone who did not become customer or sign up for Amway business. Now I know that business is a duplication of behaviour true but not every activity. For example, Henry Ford, never knew everything about car – complicated engineering to complete designing – but he knew how to get form an organisation that could fill every gap. In Amway if you do not know something as an IBO, your down lines may ignore the same and your business may not run! I want to tell that, being rich is not the only thing in life, and even if it is so, Amway is  not the only way to achieve it.