Here we go! Once again, time for changing your time and business 🙂 Here comes the Free Enterprise Day, to be conducted across India and I suppose around the world, November and December months of the year. I understand that, in India, the FED will be conducted in multiple places. So for all core IBOs, you have a chance to impress your up line (and lose more money) by attending more than one FED in various states. Meanwhile, I will take you through the FED alternatives in my coming posts. Let us discuss about the merchandise to be sold through systems. So first thing’s first, once you’re signed up in the business, you’re expected to do whatever systems preach you!

I was told that, founder of the system did certain things, and he became ‘multi-millionaire’ if you want to become one like him, copy exactly what he does or follow what he preaches. I was expected to buy a very expensive file-folder because I could make better impression. Then I was supposed to buy yellow pad and red-ink pen only to show the Amway business plan to prospects. Don’t ask why for anything, because it is quite easier to copy and follow your up lines rather than re-inventing the wheels – was the answer. Always wear red tie! This was stupid and I never thought I should do that, now I laugh at that, because I did not wear red-tie I wasn’t an Amway success 🙂 You should be wearing the best of the best clothes – always formal wear – at any given point of the day, which was also ridiculous. In fact, I was expected to dress exactly similar to my LOS up lines – if they wear casual and you wear formal clothes, then you’re not core enough. Biggest thing that was propagated to all downlines included – you can get thousands of downlines for yourself but you can get only one up line, and do what pleases him because your success is his success and hence he would never advise anything that can harm you or your business.

So all the above points noted are very important for Free Enterprise Day, why, because along with usual tools of the business, Books and CDs you should be surprised, if you do not see any or all of the following – expensive shirts, tie, even t-shirts and caps – for your up line counselling sessions, then yellow pads, red-ink pens everything you need for the routine! Such a shame, the system was supposed to be playing a support role, helping out the new IBOs. But they have tool business, suspected to have profit sharing also and they are into merchandise selling. I know many entertainment companies do sell merchandise like t-shirts and caps, but no idea when did these systems include such objectives. I have no business to stop anyone from joining Amway but I advise you to be wiser in terms of picking the stuff from tools counter. Oh, forgot, what is the name of the function – FED that is free enterprise day! Then why a free entrepreneur or Independent Business Owner has to buy and do things to please some up line who initially met you in a restaurant, during travel or in shopping mall as part of contacting? Can you please answer me that after you attend one or more FED’s in coming months? I thought everyone was independent and free – but it does look like a slavery in the free enterprise!