Every now and then we see new products launched and lots of IBOs push hard for themselves and their team to ensure they have the latest offer at their shelf for self use and retail. It is indeed a great opportunity from a consumer perspective most of the time. However, all the offers do not increase product quantity for the same price, even though sometimes they do. The offers would also include a gift item which may or may not be useful for a particular IBO. But mostly, everyone is expected to have multiple number of products at home in the first week of launch.

I have no grudge against the company policy but I have problems with the way it is handled by LOS up lines on their downlines. Most of the up lines force their downlines to buy at least three pieces of products on each offer. Let us say there are offers launching by second week of the month, usually it happens during the second week only, IBOs are expected to buy. However, by first week every IBO is expected complete his personal 100 PV. The new offer products are told to be bought if you want to show your downlines as core. That should account for about 50 PV or even more, and you had already “put” your 100 PV in the beginning of the month. That considering the fact that, the existing products must at least last for more than couple of months you need to find customers to buy worth 150 PV. Quite understandable. But when a retail is completed you need to replace the products on your shelf! That means  you buy again for anything that was sold to retail customers.

Then comes month end, and there is a goal to fight for. It may not be your own goal, it might be your LOS up line goal that you’re fighting for. Let us say he needs to re-qualify his 10,000 PV and he is short by 1500 on the last day of the month. I got a call in many months on or about 10 PM of the last day asking to put PVs. Many foolish IBOs, including myself, would belive that, someone else will also do for them. So “put” PV again. How much is the amount? I do not know but it could be about Rs 5,000-Rs 10,000! Without having any customer and literally no requirements to buy for themselves faithful IBOs put PVs and money with a blind hope of someone else replicating. When such things happen to IBOs, let us say next two months they fail to hit their own PV goal then comes mental trauma. What else do I need to do to succeed? This question was answered by my up line saying – ‘you’re on the right track, just keep doing the same, more and more’. Products will have offers, but IBOs need to use their brains while they swipe their credit cards.