I am not talking about the old story of Amway raids but the latest that happened on 9th November 2012, in Kerala state, India. Kerala has been quite stringent on MLM companies historically. When I was an IBO similar raids were conducted and it so happened that Amway abolished the joining fee and also changed PV activation rules. Of course they still have renewal fee in the form of Rs 480 (early renewals), Rs 795 (till December) and Rs 995 (late renewal). I have no idea what kind of issues were fixed when they abolished Rs 4500 odd joining cost. I have been hearing lots of pro and anti NMart stories and also problems faced by MonaVie. There were troubles for other MLM companies such as RCM and RMP. There should be more to the list but I do not know their names, but all in all India government is waking up and bureaucracy is at least taking complaints on fraudsters and dream sellers!

So if everything were legitimate in Amway, why so many alterations? Why a company’s senior members are booked in heavy offence cases? Ambots may have good defense for these let us wait and watch. The issue seems to be surrounding at an incident where an IBO was reportedly advised to buy hefty amount of products and returns weren’t accepted. I am not interested to go to the details at all. I remember in one of my previous posts I talked about the Amway propaganda of being right in MLM (they do not even want themselves to called an MLM company). Their India business cheif and several other pro Amway dignitories came boasting about Amway. So, it just says, someone coming on a TV channel and talking about direct selling business regulation does not mean they’re doing it the right way? I had pointed out that, there was no argument and counter argument kind of discussion but it looked like some topics were to be talked about moderator kept giving out the pointers for the participants to talk.

Amway has done that historically, ask no questions. Lights flashed, oozing screens and roaring people, first time entrants start believing that. Amway business is worth nothing, no assets created but the way it is boasted is so much that people sign up with amazement rather than like getting into a business. So the culture of ‘do not ask, just follow up line’ continues. Of course Amway has had government backing in various countries across the world but does that mean that, it is a legitimate option for life time, I doubt that. I honestly feel all kinds of MLM schemes are nightmares for the public and I heard once from my beloved shopkeeper – everyone else do cheat and it is known thing, but MLM and especially cheating is never documented well enough. I endorse the idea too. Personally I would like to see my great retired up lines coming back in the queue for jobs especially standing in open interviews, what a scene that would be 🙂 Meanwhile, I noticed no improvements of Pin levels for my former working up line and so all the best for a great ambitious couple.

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