In every counselling session biggest thing that was talked about was an ‘IBO being productive’. It was a sensible thing as success is associated with productivity. But later I realised that many things to not becôme part of being productive. Contacting, inviting For appointment, all education related time spent aren’t part of productivity! Let us check how many education related events do we have in Amway? Many of them – weekly open meeting, contacting, phone meeting,product awareness and system education weekly meetings, up line counselling at least twice a week, monthly BBS (business building seminars) twice a year FED(free enterprise day) and summer conferences, Amway arranged training a such as insurance and other product trainings, last but not the least ‘night owls’ from your uplines and any other things your LOS promotes. Such huge list of things associated with so much cost is not productive!
Now let us come to end of the calendar year mega function FED and the leader is the one who can promote it big time. I suggest all core IBOs also to spend some time with your family instead spending time shouting in yet another unproductive education meeting. Open google and search for one day holiday program in the nearest of your area and enjoy yourself. Because most of the IBOs who have committed their life for Amway I recommend you spend time with each other as a couple. No upline can give you back the time you spent in your life. If you have decided to be in Amway for ever it is fine, but do not do something which is not productive like attending meetings.
If you do not have any appointment with prospects just do not spend Rs 750 for each, and also travelling charges of another possibly Rs 1000 which should be added with possibly another Rs1000 for accommodation and food.
If someone is reading this post being a prospect or an IBO who has not attended any of the such events before I will tell you what is expected there. Mostly you will be thrilled by hospitality fro your up lines and other cross lines being a new comer. You may either go by train or a privately booked bus. When we went, no sleep at all as if to say all of us had achieved passive income and financial freedom. Then, even though it is a winter you are expected finish your routine and be there in the queue by as early as 6.30am! We were surprised to see our up line who was at the higher pin managed to come a little late as he had front row reserved being in higher pin. He earned that it seems. So sitting in the front row with a reservation is an achievement forget the money and time you spend to make that. Once you enter the auditorium you will be escorted to the nearest row available to the stage so that you can be a deaf by the time function gets over. So function will start with deafening cheers without any reasons. In fact there will dancing and shouting sessions by experts! There will be diamond parade with lots of slide shows of mansions and beaches of the world. Then various diamonds will either tell their own so called success stories or they will teach you how to do this business but it will same old nine core steps, cardinal rules and four basics. In between there will be a tools counter and you can buy more CDs and books to impress your upline and increase your credit card bill. So at the end of the function there will be thank you session possibly national anthem and so on. Looking at thousands of people shouting most prospects end up signing or if your an IBO you may devote more time in following couple of months.
At the end of the function your upline will hold a quick meeting. You can expect a ready made question “what did you like the most” and then “it is a very simple business, you saw The crowd right” and stuff like that. Trust me there was nothing productive there, and if you want to do Amway business also use your brain where is the direct correlation between efforts and returns. These functions will keep coming but you may not get your life back. I recommend you give real critical look before you decide agree for big function promos.