This is the most vital step I would call where the teaching from affiliated education systems matter a lot. This where the raw-material of MLM comes from. Let us analyse how exactly a person who was ambitious to achieve something in his life with a great academic qualifications would end up getting tricked into MLM. There are two scenarios – one you get referred by your own friend/colleague/acquaintance; other one you were contacted in shopping mall, or while travelling or something like that.

Let us see what happens in the first scenario, which I can relate through the experience. I was a young and ambitious guy and I had colleague of mine who supposedly wore a smiling face all the time. He looked really nice to work with, he handled many difficult situations in the office, looked really matured, never involved in gossiping and he looked fantastic. His academic knowledge is phenomenal and many aspire to have, including me. He called me one-day telling me that, he has some work near to the place I stay in the city and he asked if he could come and speak with me on something important. I said ‘OK, you are welcome’. He came to the house, showed the 6-4-3 plan and started talking about people in Amway who retired at the age of 29, studied in world-class institutes and also who have had patents to their name in their respective careers. Showed some amazing (looking) product demos but asked me for sign up with Rs 4400 which I declined. He sold me a few products and after one year I signed up for Amway, knowingly and by then Amway had reduced the joining fees to Rs 995! He had told me, ‘why are wasting money by buying products as a customer but not pro-sumer?’ Looked sensible, but I missed the plot here. I didn’t take that seriously when I joined; but later, because of his trained people skills he could plug me into the system. Once an IBO who wants to make money gets into the system, he loses his mind and to an extent he forgets to ask questions – I didn’t ask many either. Why shouldn’t I trust a person whom I knew for two years?! Friends trust each other to get into MLM, sad but true. This is a typical way of getting tricked into Amway or MLM from a person whom you already knew and had trust with.

Let us see what happens in second scenario which is more often than that of the first one. Mostly you meet a sharp-looking person as part of their contacting. [This may apply when a friend of yours has joined Amway and has given his list contacts to his sponsoring/working up line]. You have a casual talk and end up exchanging contact numbers, and soon after numbers exchanged you may not see his head 🙂 Later on after couple of days, you receive a call which seems general but, as a prospect you do not know that it was trained set of sentences! Typically, the person (sponsoring IBO) will say, ‘I wanted to speak to you something specific, do you have a couple of minutes?’. Mostly you will say yeah go ahead, depending on the situation. He will either introduce himself with the qualifications and the job experience or simply start telling – ‘we, and a few like-minded friends working in IT industry (Indian scenario) are running a business along with our jobs without disturbing it, would like to expand the same with a few like-minded ambitious sharp people who also do not want to quit their jobs but to do some business to earn extra income. Would you be interested to know more on this?’.

You would typically respond, ‘Yes/No/More Info’. Again comes the ready made answer, ‘we are running an e-commerce/private franchising business, but even though we work in IT industry we do not do anything technical in it. We have affiliations to a few Fortune 500 companies, in retail, health care and banking industries.’ You typically ask ‘yeah but what is the investment’. Reply would come automatically ‘we are already very well capitalised, and hence we are not looking for an investment from your side’. You will generally ask what else is the thing, can’t understand. He will say, I didn’t call you if you will join hands but I called you to check your interest, I recommend we should meet and discuss, because we do not know whether our ideas match or not, we meeting does not have commitments from either side. So sensible it looks for prospect.

If it is home meeting you may get an invite as business presentation at his senior partner’s house or else you meet wherever convenient and mostly they avoid public places as it is difficult to show toothpaste and home care demo. When we go to the presentation, the presentation is designed to make you not to understand anything. Then in the plan more talk will be about concentrated products, Forbes listing, and some success stories. Your questions will be how can I make it. Some people make futile attempts, by asking ‘how much money do you make?’. And ready made, answers and people skills books give, ‘it is not about how much money I make, but it is about how much money you want to make. There are enough people who succeeded in this and you can meet successful people one-on-one’. But most of the questions are already driven by IBOs, so prospects ask only those where IBOs already have a ready made answers! Products expensive, etc will also have answers. IBOs generally have nice suiting, nice trustworthy smiles, speaking with assertiveness, and other people skill trainings ensure, prospects do not dare to ask profit and loss account or balance sheets of any Ambots.

Another reason for not asking for financial statements is, most of the prospects do not understand the practicalities of the business. When they’re encountered with these trained Ambots or MLM cults, they end up thinking about big dreams rather than practical business issues. Hope I have given some elementary insights about MLM recruiting tactics, and also hope that after reading this you get some solid thought process. I have nothing against Amway but ensure that you are not the one who repent joining it!