One thing Amway business owners claim is the authenticity of so-called systems and the guarantee of success associated with it. However, the tools used by them are coming under critical scanner more often recently than ever before. They call the system is standing over three pillars – books, CDs and functions. They claim, all these three have a single motto of educating new IBOs and have proper association grouped together. For an outsider this looks alright, and mostly they do whatever that is asked by up line. The slight hesitation comes up when the new (or relatively new) IBO is asked to subscribe to SOP (Standing Order Program – an IBO gets a book and couple of CDs every month for a cost of ~INR350). The ready-made is answer from the up lines is, you need to learn from the people who have already done this business and also who are successful. CDs and Books are not random ones in SOP but they’re suggested by expert panel to IBOs based on the local business environment.

Looks alright so far, but the story is something else. People do not ask a few genuine questions. In this digital age why to buy CDs afresh even after you become CORE IBO? It looks understandable when a prospect should get a recording in a CD but not INR100 for years together bought on monthly or weekly basis in multiple units each time. If education is there with non-profit motive why cannot we have teachings in MP3 or MP4 versions? Forget that, why do CDs have price tag 10 times the cost? Reading a few books is understandable so also the functions but why do we read forever? Why functions are so many in number and they are also priced so high? Products expensive and also the so-called teachings! The easy answer is Amway  and systems do not want people who are not serious, but why the money is sucked out of the people who are serious?

There have been so much of boasting about people in the CDs as to self-made millionaires and if that is true why do they quit after being diamond and above? Let us come to the books, which supposedly teach length and breadth of being successful in business. I recently wrote the news about my first read in Amway – Rich Dad Poor Dad and its author Robert T Kiyosaski. The financial guru behind New York Times bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad has filed for bankruptcy on one of his companies after losing a $24 million judgement. I am not sure is it still the book for prospects and newly signed up IBOs but all that I could understand from Kiyosaki’s move was, he simply didn’t want to pay off the debts. Bankruptcy is tool to avoid payments for a few people and they seem to be the teachers for life in Amway and other MLM affiliated systems. Recently one more famous writer called Lance Armstrong who wrote one of the most read motivational books in MLM – It’s Not About the Bike; was stripped off 7 Tour de France titles and medals.

How do the Ambots cope with such eventualities? They just continue with usual practice – behave as if nothing happened, or continue with these crappy stuff as long as possible. Such a shame that, so many false claims continue to be boasted by Ambots. Most of the authors may have made more money with Amway affiliation than their claimed business, and not sure that they  have really built any kind of business for that matter. Can you ask questions in Amway? Nope, just follow what is told – is that the definition of cult? Probably yes.