The question that arises after you realise that you cannot do this Amway business anymore is – how do I quit Amway and get my money back? But this depends on the stage you are in. Earlier when I was a we IBO, I could convince people saying Rs995, the sign up fee, is refundable by Amway. There was a simple procedure to just return the joining kit, and IBO would get cheque to the registered address within a few weeks time. But now that joining is free, IBOs are not eligible for anything as such, if they had put time for Amway nothing in return, if he had put money in systems and affiliated education materials, strictly nothing. If there are unused products with less than 30 days invoice date, an IBO can get that money back as well. These options are quite simple for a new IBO so that his chances of making significant losses are minimal. This is how prospects get induced to join the business by Ambots. But these things do not mean much, simply because people do not really bother to have lost couple of thousand rupees in a few months time.
Now let us see what can happen to a person who put in hard yards in Amway and understands one fine day that, he cannot succeed in this forever. Let us assume, for the illustration purpose, the IBO has been core for about a year and a half, technically he has spent two years since the day of signing up the form. For the purpose of this example let us also assume, he has a wife with or without kids, as yet. Any IBO who has been core for more than a year means he would have at least sponsored about 30 IBOs as down lines. He and his spouse could have been in the inner circle of his up lines as well. At best he could be in 9% Pin level with a couple of people in his down line LOS in 6%.
So two years since the day of joining a business and you want to quit, what are consequences. What assets he could have created putting in approximately 30-40 hours a week, that translates to combined 70 hours for husband and wife, plus product and association expenses to go with it. It is important that we should put a price tag for his time. One and half year being core, about 75 weeks multiplied by seventy hours! Here I have a drastic difference of opinion with Ambots. Ambots keep saying, instead of watching TV or spending time with some recreation you get a chance to spend time on something productive with Amway. But as human being or a living being for that matter, you need to have recreation and that should be part and parcel of your life. So you can put whatever the price tag for that and you lost so much in your tenure as an IBO. One thing I would like to make it clear, no one lives and dies in Amway forever, almost every IBO WILL QUIT BEFORE THEY DIE!
If this couple could’ve spent at least 150 PV worth products every month for about 18 months and they get nothing in return because, 30 day money back guarantee does not apply for more than 30 days! By my personal experience which I have listed in my other post on this blog “How much to spend to get 6% in Amway“. So the IBO could make sense of decision to quit is better than staying because they see no light at the end of the tunnel of Amway and respective affiliated system.
But most likely that, they go to their up line and discuss with the nice heart and say we are reconsidering to continue or not in Amway. Up line is expected to say the following:

  • Success is right round the corner and losing focus is not the right thing
  • Why do you waste your one and half years effort by quitting now?
  • Amway is not built for necessities, you have your job but what future you can build with your job?
  • How many persons whom you have sponsored are active? If you have not created leaders you won’t get the success, and that takes time, you’ve got to be patient
  • What if lose your job?
  • What if your wife does not want to work?
  • With this inflation and world economic turmoil how will you feed your family without a secondary source of income?
  • Who else is there for you when you need help? BWW can build confidence in you and there are so many people who could help you for your life
  • You’re leaving freedom for slavery
  • Do not quit, you do not even stand to get a chance to succeed, just hang-in there, things will be great
  • If you see your down lines what will you tell them? Until yesterday you talked about building the business
  • What will tell a prospect who could meet you somewhere and will you say ‘I’ve quit’?

Ahh, never ending list of questions, and suddenly all negatives from your up line, but to do what? Just to scare you that, world without Amway doesn’t exist! So then and there if you have the guts to say ‘No’ and quit world could be beautiful outside Amway because you need not worry about someone else duplicating your routine And because of which you lose sleep! If you think you could create assets by building Amway business, which only handful of people could do in last fifty plus years, please do continue building your Amway downline LOS. Otherwise, chances are, you may end up losing your shape by continuing in Amway for longer period of time.