What happens after you quit Amway?

I think biggest reason why many people still end up being sucked out in Amway because, they cannot simply quit. They have fear from everywhere! If you go and stand in front your great up line, he tells this is not the time you should quit. Success is round the corner and possibly the famous story of a farmer who dug the land so much so that, he was fed up and sold it to some businessman. And the businessman took about a month’s time to dig gold out of the same land. Honestly speaking, that is yet another plain lie from your beloved up line. It happened to me when I went there and said – I quit, and I was throwing out all the CDs and books on his floor telling him that I would never come back. But he continued to tell me that, I was going from freedom to slavery and started talking negative stuff such as my wife not going to work, company throwing me out of job, so many negatives!

Anything outside Amway was negative and I was ready to quit seeing enough of Amway opportunity! Finally I quit and now my life is so full of activities and people around the world are still there. I do have enough to spend my time the way I want. I enjoy reading news and following sports and also love my family time – I had missed all of them in two years with so-called dream-builders. Let us come to money part and for me it is the single most reason, to do or not to do which is called business. I do not spend on expensive FMCG anymore means I have at least 30% savings right away! For example, for Rs 26 to Rs 30 we get very good bath soaps weighing about 100gms and 75g Persona used to cost Rs 40 and it was boasted that, BMW cannot be compared with Maruti Alto. Why do we need to spend so much on day-to-day products.

I am still alive without supplements, and we enjoy more fruits and vegetables as we do not spend Rs 100 on daily basis unlike being core IBOs. If you are spending more than Rs 50,000/- brand, longevity, perfect performance and stuff do matter. But FMCG experience is always supposed to be with various products and we are not in jail to have same soap, shampoo, tooth paste forever! My wife is happy to try out new products in cosmetics and not the ever so same luxuries which we never wanted. We can sleep at night 10 O’Clock and no guilty feeling, we can have food wherever we want. I can travel by bus without having to search for contacts and do not have to feel guilty if I do not get one. Especially first few days the feeling was awesome – kind of out of jail, out of restrictions!

I do not have to share my finances, my head to toe decisions and stuff with my up line anymore. I do not have to work to impress my up line, and do not have to bother duplication anymore. I still read books and they are not recommended by system, I attend seminars that are not based on selling tickets, I say hello to new people but no intentions to show the plan, sign up to Amway. I listen to teachings but they are case by case basis. I can decide to download free e-books on the net, watch YouTube for learning new things and I do not have to worry about down lines duplicating, because Amway systems do not allow you to copy CDs without buying, and even if the e-books are available free of cost, still IBOs are expected to buy. I do not have to say harsh words to anyone who did not become customer or sign up for Amway business. Now I know that business is a duplication of behaviour true but not every activity. For example, Henry Ford, never knew everything about car – complicated engineering to complete designing – but he knew how to get form an organisation that could fill every gap. In Amway if you do not know something as an IBO, your down lines may ignore the same and your business may not run! I want to tell that, being rich is not the only thing in life, and even if it is so, Amway is  not the only way to achieve it.


Anticipated MLM Regulations in India and Amway

Recently there are many news items on proposed MLM regulation in India. Amway India seems to be the leader of so-called IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) and therefore speaking like a right hand of the government and regulators. First time when the news came about Government of India’s regulations on MLM companies, Amway started the public propaganda saying, it welcomes the better regulations so that companies involved in right practices would be really benefited from this. I really like the way they handle governments across territories around the world! Amway is definitely big as well as sharp – either they can handle governments to ensure the ruling and legislations are in their favour or they can update their way of operations quickly enough to ensure that they are out of any punishment.

Recently a famous private Indian business news TV channel along with Amway sponsorship managed to air half hour program (Direct SalesUnshackling the potential) propagating Amway India. There were a few presenters including Amway India enterprise leader. The discussion looked very awkward when I realised that, the TV anchor was almost asking predefined carefully thought out points and the rest of the people in the show were just explaining the points. Unfortunately there were no arguments or discussions happening it was almost as if designed to propagate Amway especially for IBOs can go out and boast more and more about the legality of the business and so on. But I never doubted that, Amway is genuine enough in terms of products, because they are competitive and you are getting a guarantee of those products.

But an IBO will have problems that are beyond the explanations, such as depression issues, and many things that end up differing in real life situations. Everyone in the half an hour show talked about Amway being educative for the IBOs through various channels. One person in fact went to an extent saying it gives income opportunity to do part-time keeping his full-time job. True, it is said that 12-15 hours a week of effort you can become a millionaire! But after someone joins the business, realises that most of the activities are not included in those number of hours. To be honest, that TV program was designed to woo more people to Amway through official channel of communication. Any discussion which does not have opposing views is a mere advertisement. I know how expensive are the products and Amway continue to receive applause for educating and helping customers – pathetic that is. Amway is a mass deception and it is well crafted one and hence mostly whatever talked in the official channels is always completely different from the reality. Amway business works but designed to make everyone fail in long-term.

Pros and cons of Amway Affiliated Systems

I firmly believe that there are always positive and negative sides for anything. Lets us have brief look at what Amway affiliated systems such as, TEAM, N21, WWDB or BWW in terms of impact on the success of an IBO. When a prospect signs up as an IBO there is high chance that he must have been approached by an IBO who is already following a particular system. It is obvious that the prospect ends up getting affiliated to same system that his up line IBO belongs to. I wanted to talk about this simply because I could find enough instances on the internet where a few the former IBOs told that they went platinum without being in the system and when I was an IBO, I was told that inside the ‘system’ 100% success rate outside the system 0% success rate.

To certain extent I agree that, systems are necessary for an IBO. For example, the system keeps the IBOs united to be called as an organisation. If you do not have a set of people who are so-called successful, there is no way you can show someone who, are already in this form of direct marketing business. As an IBO being fresh, you may not know how to talk appropriately about the business. A new IBO may find it difficult to explain to prospects on his own unless learnt and the learning may come from the one who has done it before. Similarly it matters as to how the message is getting conveyed to a prospect, if you do not know one, mostly you end up sponsoring none. Therefore, in the initial stages of an IBO it does help to have a tried and tested method that works and taught and learnt with enthusiasm.

However, why there are so many IBOs who quit always come back and start complaining about the system, and of course a little about Amway too. It is because the system does make you to do things which IBOs do not want in the name of success probability and most cases because of the design of the business IBOs end up not making any money or mostly losing too much over a period of time. IBOs are expected to attend every meeting – Weekly Open meeting, so called weekly PACE meeting at your up lines house, phone meeting, product training, monthly BBS, twice a year mega functions, all at their own expense even though while recruiting up line tells that, you get into the business and only expense is product which you use for home. So on the face of it no one knows all the expenses involved. Systems also ask you to buy books and CDs regularly so that you can loan it to new IBOs or offer to prospects when you show the plan. Some groups also ask IBOs to give samples when they go for demo.

Next comes up line counselling, cover dish and so on provided you are doing everything that is told. Any time your up line calls you, you should almost fall on his feet with agreement for whatever he says. He says switch job, do not take up oversees assignments in your job, always buy expensive branded apparel and other stuff and so on. Everything he tells you do it and CDs continue to say that, if you are not able to do the business that’s your fault. So by now IBO must have spent so much money being core and made really nothing because, end of the day, Amway products are too expensive to be called FMCG – I call them luxurious FMCG – and they do last more than a  month and hence you need to find new customers every month. This is when a core IBO who wanted to make money from Amway leaves. Of course system is necessary in initial stages but not to an extent you attend 52 into number of weekly meetings, plus many other issues mentioned just before. Core IBOs either must have lost the ability to think independently or else they are out of the business soon enough. Because if you have some brain to think independently next moment you would quit Amway business or for that matter any MLM on earth.

Monavie and NMart MLM in India, are in Trouble?

I think MLM in India is in trouble to some extent if not facing outright ban. Corporate Frauds Watch has unearthed another dream building freedom fighters company called NMart. I read on the web that its has closed down its operations in states like Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. A few of my friends who are active on Facebook were in discussion about the same matter where they mentioned how they had close shave even though did not end up losing money. NMart seems to be more active in northern states of India wherein they could cheat more people as not everyone knows about what’s going on in southern part of India. I am really happy for Mr Shyam Sundar for unearthing so many MLM racketeers and I recommend all the readers of this blog to visit Corporate Frauds Watch website.

Meanwhile, another MLM crap company I never went close to was Monavie, yet another set of dream builders. They seem to have similar models as Amway does but even more expensive products with only health drinks. There also you have PV and pin levels and some certifications wherein you can achieve financial freedom. Most of the time Ambots shouted about the growth story of Amway and I do not know when the government will crack down on all these dream builders. I know so many people of are young, rich and free through these Ponzi schemes, Deccan Chronicle quoted Monavie collected hefty 11.79 crores possibly in the name of building your financial future. Of course I read somewhere that irrespective of how many ever cases are filed against MLMs every individual is most likely to fall prey to MLM once in his life. This helps all the MLM racketeers to continue making money. I now realise Amway products are so expensive that, they sell at the price equivalent to five to ten years ahead in terms of time value of money. Monavie health drinks are even more expensive and only they can explain the necessity of those drinks for anyone.

I also heard that, government is going to come up with stringent laws in India to curb MLM frauds such as Speak Asia, Japanese Magnetic Bed, RMP and RCM, now NMart and Monavie. Not sure when will Amway join the list. All the best dream builders 🙂

What Rich Dad didn’t teach Robert Kiyosaki…!

Rich Dad did not teach one thing to Robert Kiyosaki, that was not to say no when it comes to payment for the services availed. And that’s the reason why Rich Global LLC, where Robert T Kiyosaki is founding member, has filed for bankruptcy. The story as per various news items on the web is quite simple – Learning Annex and its chairman Bill Zanker did not get the money they should have got after making Rich Dad brand so big. So, let us be honest, Robert Kiyosaki is yet to file any kind of personal bankruptcy it is only that, his so-called multi-million business Rich Global LLC filing for one after an US District Judge ordered to pay just under $24 million to the Learning Annex and its chairman Bill Zanker, in August this year.

Well now the question is for all Ambots, how come the author of first ever book never-ending reading list of books file a bankruptcy? Amway is meant for financial freedom or as per my up line – it is for lifestyle. People outside do not have a life so where is the style – quote and unquote my great up line, again. Robert Kiyosaki teaches how to invest and how to get financial literacy. But doesn’t he have some courteously to adhere to agreements entered into? OK now that court had ordered to pay some hefty fine, doesn’t he possess the wealth to pay of these fines and stay afloat? What did he do with the so-called wealth he created doing so many businesses over the years, advocating network marketing, teach how to come out of ‘rat race’, teaching how to retire ‘young, rich and free’? My layman kind of suspicion is he didn’t have anything what he claimed to have.

I have asked several times in various posts and comments, if these writers know how to build business and if they claim to have so many business why aren’t they published in NYSE or DJIA or S&P Indices? Realistically none of these writers do have anything on their own. All they talk is fictitious story about financial freedom, network marketing and MLM propaganda. How do they benefit by propagating MLM is by getting constant sales of their books! I have no statistics to back up about the numbers but I never feel Zig Zigler’s books are purchased by general public more than that of Ambots or any MLM cults. Robert Kiyosaki’s books are more advertised and hence may be, he sells something outside MLM. Every author of such books claim to have so much of success they achieved why are not they showing up in Bloomberg or CNBC news that often? Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many others have not written books by themselves but books are written by others who validated to proof of success.

Amway and its affiliate systems do not care about the proof of success of the people but they do care for themselves. Amway and its affiliate systems are good at one thing – thoughtfully designed, longstanding deception. They never say, anything is compulsory but they indirectly keep coming at you! “You listen to CDs and read the book – Rich Dad Poor Dad, come to couple of functions then you will figure out how to do the business”. “You cannot read same thing again and again, so you go for book and CD of the month program where the system panel with so much of experience recommends right materials to use in your business”. Is there anything compulsory in above quotes? Nothing! But if you do not do, you are not doing the business the right way to build your financial future, so do what is told in the system!

So, new and all so-called core IBOs keep subscribing to these motivational books, and cash only flows towards up lines! I really wanted to talk to all Ambots about the success of Rich Dad Poor Dad author who failed even after achieving financial freedom:) but not sure – systems might have factored into Robert Kiyosaki issues already! Earlier there were news items about Amway diamonds and financially free people filing bankruptcy now the teachers, cannot stop laughing 🙂 Meanwhile, I recommend all you readers of my blog post to go through the following links as well –

Amway Business is Part Time?

Everyone in my LOS up lines and also in CDs, Books, seminars and in every possible association talked about Amway being part-time. When I went to my first meeting (later I was told to call it as ‘function’), everyone talked about being in IT industry. I loved my finance profession and no one was chartered accountant there and no finance professionals in Amway either! Surprising but now I feel finance knowledge if you have it with practical application you are less likely to stick in Amway cultism 🙂 There was an electrical engineer who was claiming to have seven patents working for a company and still doing Amway part-time. There were many other so-called IT industry employees who claimed to have done something for their future, recession proof business and so on.

Let us see what are those part-time things an IBO at whatever pin level should do. There are some nine core steps and four basics and a few cardinal rules to go with it. Nine core steps include, use all the products, STP (Show The Plan), do 300PV personal and have about ten customers. For these things to happen you need to spend at least 6 hours on a daily basis for each of the husband and wife. If you are building the business single it is even more! Then come tapes and books, functions – even though they are supposed to be part of nine core steps you can listen to tapes only when you are doing something else most probably travelling. In case of India where traffic is so high, you might end up sacrificing your life for divine cause of Amway and system, becoming a legend after death to be mentioned in CDs and seminars. You have to read books every day for ten fifteen minutes no matter what is going on in your life. What do you read, same stories written in by different people mentioning the names of each other’s books. For example, how to win and influence people will have certain quotes and examples which will be mentioned in some other books on sales.

Be accountable and be in communication with up line. These are the biggest issues faced by IBOs. You have to commit to big goals and you need to make it all the time. Unless you manage to dream big put big goals you will not achieve. So everyone is expected to commit to goals and be accountable on it. If you do not do 300PV with retail buy now for this month and ‘try to sell next month’ and do next month 300 PV again! Communicate with up line for every damn thing in the world, I know up lines have decided on marriages for so many Ambots, pity but true. It is almost like complete control given to your up line who met you in a restaurant or shopping mall as part of his contacting! If you do not follow nine core steps how do you expect to succeed and how do you know how to manage a team in direct selling business. Your knowledge outside Amway is irrelevant inside, you need to follow all the details given by the ‘system’ for which you’re supposed to plug-in. Up line communication and reading and listening can be done only after 11 PM! So you work nine hours (barring stupid excuses taught by up lines and used by down lines) travel for two hours do business for six hours plus two hours of communication and reading and stuff!

I was told by up line, you should not sleep more than six hours ever! Why I have only one life and let me enjoy my sleep too! And anything less than seven hours of sleep with so much of mental and physical work, even if Nutrilite has hundred certificates about its quality and performance, you will go to depression – physically and mentally! Of course, if you ask me right now also I am in a business for my future apart from my job. But I never have to give excuse to my boss and giggle about it later, and I can still take care of my family and talk to friends and so on.

You are supposed to follow four basics as well! Make a list, invite the prospects, show the plan, and follow-up/follow through! I welcome all the ones who talk about part-time Amway business making millions as secondary source of income in two-five years time. Amway is a deception no matter what apologists keep talking about success stories which are never close to reality.

What is emotional in Amway Business…?

In my early days I was told that Amway can get people into depressed mental state. I did not understand much during that time, as my thinking was, ‘you have to use Amway products to build business and use system tools for building yourself’. Quite a sacred feeling is it not? But what happens in reality is not shown in any of Amway plans. Once you join the business you are expected to be part of ninety days eagle qualification program. That never happens to anyone or even if it happens it cannot be generalized because 99% of IBOs do not get eagle done in the said time frame. So most of the IBOs fail then and there itself.

First month of joining the business you are expected to reach or qualify 6% which is equal to 300 PV. Unfortunately new IBOs fail to recognize out of 300 PV the new IBO is expected to do 150 PV sign up two-three friends and get 300 PV done. In India 300 PV costs about Rs 22,500. Human beings mostly look for recognition and that has not been made available everywhere. Therefore, when you join the business, you will like that part of recognition and being in the part of bandwagon. IBOs fail to realize you need not buy Rs 20,000 or more worth of FMCG goods for your family. If you say so, your up-line will come with a nice smile to say ‘you use all the products once, if you like it you continue otherwise you can return’. So in the first month itself without even realising you’re brainwashed to buy what you do not need and you start thinking you’re doing the right way.

For very few people 300PV might happen in the first month and then they start going regularly to the function. Once you start associating with people who follow the system you’re bound to hear lots and lots of things. This is the step where you start getting recognised for doing some PV or showing some plans and so on. More you listen to outside of the LOS more they ask you to listen to up-lines. So IBOs start taking that seriously, with which they are very much into the system. This mental attachment automatically makes the IBOs to come to the meeting. Here is where the skepticism goes off and real cultish mentality steps in. They start thinking that, everyone outside Amway are foolish and these are the only set of people who drive life. Let us say, this is about three months, and by now you should have been eagle. You’re not an eagle but still you’re nicely received by your up-line. But sooner than later you should qualify to 9% and by then you would have missed couple of PV goals or some LOS diamond promotions. Now that you have gone to so many meetings, you end up thinking that, every positive result is attributed to system and negative is because of your own failure.

When you start doing contacting if you are able to achieve none or only couple of them, your up line will tell you, ‘you need to believe that you can do five contacts everyday’. ‘If it is not happening, it is the problem with your belief, don’t you see so many people on stage getting recognised for contacting?’. First step in torturing is right here! Then comes, calling and fixing appointing for meetings. If the meeting is getting cancelled often, means you are not believing well enough! If you are lack conviction you cannot sign up prospects! What a shame, just by having mental thought process you get more contacts, can sign up people, and so on? Then why to do the work, sit at home do meditation right? Belief is not everything! Amway has such an unreasonable compensation plan and a very ordinary name to go with it, whatever shown in the business plan or told from the stage never materialises. More you listen to those more isolated you are! Counselling is another story!